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Things We Saw Today: Drink Deep From the Skull of Black Widow

Things We Saw Today

Or maybe that’s a morbid way of looking at this mug from Big Bad Toy Store, now available for pre-order. (That’s Nerdalicious)

  • Here’s a Kickstarter we like: Robert Lockhart’s Codemancer: A Fantasy Game that Teaches the Magic of Code.
  • Have you heard the kerfluffle surrounding Cherry City Comic Con? Basically an attendee asked for a refund because of the con’s sexist attitude toward cosplay, after which the con’s director, Mark Martin, mocked her on Facebook, both under his account and using a sockpuppet. Professionalism at its finest! Wanna know more? We have links.
  • Via Jezebel, the US Department of Education has released a list of all 55 colleges and universities currently under federal investigation for mishandling sexual assault investigations.

This Death Star gown is fully armed and operatioinal. By which I mean it has arms. And it’s… operational. Oh, shush. (Badlands Garrison via Geeks Are Sexy)

Now these are dragon leggings. (by Poprageous, via Fashionably Geek)

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