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Today’s Google Doodle Is an Adorable Coding Lesson for Kids

"It makes me happy to think of all of the nine-year-olds who will get their first coding experience playing with today’s Doodle," says MIT collaborator Champika Fernando.

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Google’s Got a Fun Wonder Woman Game to Teach Kids to Code

There are many ways in which superheroes can inspire kids, but what about going beyond moral lessons and teaching specific practical skills? Google's Made with Code is doing just that, and they're using the Wonder Woman movie to do it.

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Things We Saw Today: 92 Year Old Frances Goldin Has Been Showing Support For Her Lesbian Daughters at Pride For 30 Years

Not everything in the world is horrible. Case in point, Frances Goldin, who has been showing support for her two lesbian daughters at Pride for over 30 years!

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Study: GitHub Code by Women Is Used More, but Only If They Hide Their Gender

Today in "things that you're not surprised are true but at least now you have science on your side" news, a recent report suggests that code written by women on GitHub have a higher acceptance rate from their peers than code written by men, but there's a catch: that approval is only higher if their gender is unidentifiable.

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Interview: Web Developer Ashton Levier on Girl Develop It and Being a Woman in STEM

Originally from Louisiana, Ashton Levier is a teacher turned web developer in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Black Girls CODE Helps Young Women of Color Get Into Tech

In case you don't know, Black Girls CODE is an organization that is dedicated to increasing the number of women of color in tech companies by helping young women of color learn how to code.

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Know a Girl Who Loves STEM? Jewelbots Programmable Friendship Bracelets Launch Today

Summer camp trades just went next-level.

Is there a girl in your life (or are you a girl) aged 9-14 who loves coding, technology, and cute accessories? Well, you're in luck, because today is the launch of Jewelbots, programmable friendship bracelets that teach their wearers to communicate using Bluetooth and IFTTT technology.

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Tech Company’s #ItWasNeverADress Project Challenges Preconceptions About Women

Ok, but what color is the cape?

Gendered restrooms have a history as a breeding ground for transphobia and toxic gender norms, but tech company Axosoft's #ItWasNeverADress campaign is trying to turn the traditional triangular female symbol into a hero for noncompliant, pioneering women everywhere.

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Karlie Kloss Starts #KodeWithKarlie Scholarship Foundation To Teach High School Girls To Code

Karlie Kloss is a model, but she's also huge into tech, investigating the potential of cookie delivery by drone and vocal in her love of code. Now, with the Flatiron School, Kloss has started the #KodeWithKarlie scholarship program, giving twenty girls in the US free tuition to Flatiron Pre-College Academy's Introduction to Software Engineering course.

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Ladies Made Some Pretty Rad Games At Microsoft & Code Liberation’s Women’s History Month Game Jam

For the whole weekend on March 28th and 29th, women programmers, artists, musicians, and individuals curious or passionate about game development have stepped up to the challenge to make a game in less than 48 hours at New York City’s Microsoft building.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Neopets’ CEO On Their First Mobile Game And Getting Girls Into Gaming

Neopia is finally entering the twenty-first century with the release of Neopets' first-ever mobile game! Whether you're a long-time fan, in it for the '90s nostalgia, or perhaps someone who missed the original Neo-bandwagon, the OG addictive online game is making its way onto your phones.

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Interstellar’s Black Holes Are Good Enough for Real Scientists

Legit movie science is legit.

The visual effects in Intersteller were pretty good. The movie really made you notice a few things: the eternal darkness of space, the isolation of an airless environment, and everyone's favorite, the terrifying warping of stars and light by black holes. But just how good were the effects? As it turns out, good enough for scientists.

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Teenage Coders Who Developed Tampon Run Bring Game to App Store, Create Catcall Run

Our Diva Cup runneth over.

Good news, fans of political and body-positive projectiles: Tampon Run is coming to an Apple App store near you, and it has a sequel!

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The Doctor Teaches Kids to Code in iOS and Android Tablet Game


The Doctor and the Dalek is the perfect way to sneak some educational gaming into a little (or big) Whovian's life. Allons-y!

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11-Year-Old Aspiring Programmer Wants to Teach Other Girls How to Code: “I Can Do Everything Boys Want to Do”

Yesterday's Tech Superwomen Summit in San Francisco had a very special guest: 11-year-old aspiring programmer Ava Brodie.

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Spotify Wants More Women in STEM, Organized a “Diversify” Coding Event With 50% Female Participants

This makes us happy-ify!

Truly committing to changing the demographics of tech is a daunting task--but it seems like Spotify might actually be up to the challenge.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Code and Cupcakes Founder Jen Myers

She quotes Kelly Sue DeConnick. We're smitten.

"Being treated differently because you’re different is not something with strict boundary lines—it’s like colored dye dropped into water. It permeates everything until all you can see is the dye, and then how do you effectively separate what is dye and what is water? But you know it’s there. It is there."

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“Code and Cupcakes” Teaches Moms and Daughters How to Code, Aims to Improve Diversity in Tech

Progress is delicious.

When Jen Myers first learned how to code over a decade ago, she was often the only woman in her computer science classes. Now a successful web designer, Myers is dedicating herself to making coding accessible to women of all ages--and she's got cupcakes on her side!

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The Year In (Peer) Review: Nine Great Moments for Women In STEM From 2014

And counting!

Here are the moments from 2014 that made us laugh, cry, cheer and want to put on a ball gown in honor of the women and girls--both present and past--whose achievements in STEM are changing the world.

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Hey, Remember When Coding Software Was Considered “Women’s Work?”

Huh. Whadaya know.

Usually when we go back to old advertisements and articles from before the '70s, it's to point out how unhelpfully and casually sexist they often were towards women. You know, the kind of stuff that says "buy this coffee or your husband will beat you!" and "work as hard as possible around the house because it makes you prettier!" and even "women are naturals at computer coding because of the way their brains work!" Wait, what was that last one?

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