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Stan Lee Toys With Our Emotions About a Black Widow Movie

Stan, please. I'm weak.

Stan Lee is both a savior and a supervillain to me today after he seemingly confirmed that we'll get a Black Widow standalone movie—eventually.

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Red Sparrow Trailer Makes It Look Like a Blatant Black Widow Rip-Off

Oh hey! We're finally getting a Black Widow movie! Only it stars Jennifer Lawrence as an elite Russian assassin and it's called Red Sparrow instead of Black Widow and Scarlett Johansson should be calling her agent and maybe her lawyers.

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Giveaway: Black Widow: Red Vengeance & Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl!

Mary Suevians, we've got a giveaway prize pack that's right up your alley. To celebrate last week's release of Black Widow: Red Vengeance, we're giving away a copy of the new book, as well as Black Widow: Forever Red to catch you up in case you're behind on your reading!

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Scarlett Johansson Still Talking to Marvel About a Black Widow Movie, and She’s Got Some Ideas

And we'd watch any and all of them.

Scarlett Johansson is in the current "Power of Women" issue of Variety, not only because of her Hollywood clout, but because of her work with Planned Parenthood. And of course, she was asked for her take on what a Black Widow movie should be.

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Does the Toy Industry Really Get Why We Keep Asking for Equal Representation in Merchandise?

The reason we're getting equal representation in movie merch and toys matters almost as much as getting it at all.

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Surviving on Table Scraps: When Will Women Control Their Own Stories in Hollywood?

The longer we wait, the hungrier we get.

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The Red Ledger: 3 MCU Moments That Highlight Black Widow’s Nuance and Badassery

Black Widow is a needed shot of estrogen in a male-dominated comics landscape, unique in many ways because she is a woman; she is able to use her her femininity and the stereotypes people expect of women to her advantage, and as a result, is an example of a feminism that can exploit from inside an established, patriarchal system. She plays the game better than anyone, because she has had little to no choice.

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Things We Saw Today: Beetlejuice Comes to Broadway

But only if you say his name three times first.

Beetlejuice may not be returning in the form of a sequel any time soon (even though we keep asking Winona Ryder about it), but the musical will be coming to Broadway for the 2018-2019 theater season. Warner Brothers will be producing and Alex Timbers will direct.

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Joss Whedon Said He’d Direct a Black Widow Movie If Asked. But … Are We Asking?

The Black Widow solo movie is still firmly in the realm of the hypothetical. But if, hypothetically, anyone asked Joss Whedon to direct it ... he would say yes. (But no one asked him. Like. No one.)

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Things We Saw Today: This Woman Is Adorably Excited About Her New Chewbacca Mask

"It's the simple joys."

This woman bought herself a Chewbacca mask as a birthday present to herself, and this video of her unwrapping it and putting it on went viral because it's adorable as all get out.

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Kevin Feige Mentions Marvel’s Commitment to a Black Widow Movie… Eventually

Feige on Marvel's Hope for Black Widow Movie

Kevin Feige has finally addressed longstanding fan concern over when Black Widow would get her own movie.

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Fandango Poll Says Marvel Movie Fans Want a Black Widow Solo Movie

Fandango Poll: Marvel Movie Fans Want Black Widow Solo Movie

We already knew the answer to this one. Movie ticketing site Fandango, at the behest of USA Today, posed a simple question to fans who bought tickets to see Captain America: Civil War: Which Avenger should get their own solo movie? The results almost made asking the question in the first place kind of silly (sillier […]

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New Captain America: Civil War Featurette Focuses on Its Marvel-ous Women

See what I did there?

We've been excited about what we've seen so far promoting the next offering from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War. However, there is something that we were wondering about...where are all the awesome ladies? This featurette, called "In Good Company," gives Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Sharon Carter the attention they deserve!

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Excluding Female Characters From Merchandise Doesn’t Just Impact Girls

Male dolls are marketed to girls, girls are given books with boy protagonists, and many family films with male leads are considered gender-neutral. Girls learn, from an early age, to empathize and identify with both men and women. But media with female leads and products featuring female characters get dismissed as “girl stuff”, and boys are discouraged—very actively, sometimes—from engaging with it, which ends up hurting everyone.

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International Captain America: Civil War Trailer Features New Clip of Hawkeye vs. Black Widow

As is often the case with international trailers, we've now been treated to some extra footage of Captain America: Civil War, this time featuring Hawkeye and Black Widow facing off against each other.

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Pull Wisely: A-Force, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Standoff and More!

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means: another edition of Pull Wisely, our weekly recommendation list of comics.

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Thor and Black Widow Got Voted “Most Dateable” According to This Fandango Survey

Which fan-fictions will you be reading this Valentine's Day? If you're anything like the respondents on a recent superhero-themed Fandango survey, you'd like to imagine yourself on a date with Thor and/or Natasha.

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Priyanka Chopra Is Kamala Khan in Marvel Avengers Academy; Alison Brie, Dave Franco Also on Board

Over Twitter earlier today, Priyanka Chopra announced that she'll be joining the voice cast of Marvel Avengers Academy as Kamala Khan!

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Hey, Some Good Black Widow and Star Wars Merchandising News! (For Once.) (Kinda.)

"Business offers product to meet staggering demand" shouldn't be a newsworthy story, but, since time and time again the opposite has been true in terms of merchandise for female characters, I feel like celebrating whenever Hasbro and other companies do the bare minimum to improve representation.

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Civil War Directors Say “Hell Yeah!” to a Hypothetical Black Widow Movie

As long as we stay within the realm of hypotheticals, it seems like a lot of folks on the MCU creative team are on board with the idea of a Black Widow movie.

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