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I Need To Know Who Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Playing on ‘The Boys’

I can't handle the suspense!

With the first teaser trailer for The Boys season 4 now finally out, we’ve gotten to see our first look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the Amazon Prime series.

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The Boys, an unhinged show about power-hungry superheroes, has become a huge hit with fans. Season after season they keep, somehow, outdoing themselves from the story twists to completely bizarre scenes. You know the episode I’m talking about. Since the end of season 3, we’ve been patiently waiting for any information on the new season to drop.

One thing we have been looking forward to is the addition of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural, The Walking Dead) to the cast. Besides recently agreeing with my headline that his character will be “filthy,” Jeffrey Dean Morgan has remained tight-lipped about the show. So what character will he be playing in The Boys?

JDM’s mysterious The Boys role

As of this writing, there is no official word on who Morgan is playing. Like JDM, The Boys has remained secretive about who this new character is. We may not know about the character until the new season premiers sometime in 2024. But we can take a few educated guesses to possibly narrow down who this new addition is.

Like a few of the other new additions to the cast, Sister Sage and Firecracker, it could be an original character for the comic book-based show. The speculation mill that is the internet has a few rumors swirling. For a while, folks were sure he would play Tek Knight, an Iron Man-type superhero who has odd sexual urges. However, Tek Knight, not played by Morgan, appeared on The Boys spinoff series, Gen V.

In the trailer, we see Morgan in a scene with Karl Urban, who plays the dark center of The Boys, Billy Butcher. The two men sit together at what looks like a break table in a government building. Morgan wears a suit. With the ease of their conversation and the way Morgan’s character doesn’t pull any punches with Billy, like suggesting “The Boys” is a stupid team name, it seems like they know each other. This isn’t their first meeting. It also doesn’t seem like he is a supe. That’s disappointing, I know.

If Morgan is playing someone from the comic books on which the show is based, it seems like he might be Kessler/Monkey. On the surface, it matches, as Monkey is an informant who has supplied Billy with information for a long time, even when he still worked for the CIA. However, in the original material, Kessler lacks Morgan’s swagger and confidence. In the comic books Kessler was sexually assaulted by monkeys, something I think they’ll leave out of the show. Only time will tell who Morgan will play, but I’m certain he’ll be a perfect addition to The Boys no matter what.

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