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How Do You Make ‘The Boys’ Even Filthier? Add Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Hot diggity-dog, Daddy's home.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan looking hot as Negan.

Amazon’s The Boys is the unhinged and disturbing superhero show that everyone loves. Season 1 shocked the world, and somehow they have gotten even more over-the-top in the two seasons since. I mean, did you see that “Herogasm” episode last season? It might be safe to say nothing like that had ever been on television before. (And maybe never should be again.)

With another season on the way and a spinoff in the works, how will The Boys keep up their vulgar and insane shenanigans while still keeping viewers hooked? Of course, there are a few ways to achieve this, but I think the creators were smart in going the way they went—by casting Jeffrey Dean Morgan in season 4. Since JDM previously worked with The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke on Supernatural, The Boys creators knew exactly what they were doing.

JDM is coming to f*ck these Boys up.

This week, Jeffrey Dean Morgan tweeted a pic giving the official Boys salute (i.e., the middle finger) to show that he was officially at work on the series. JDM and the creators of The Boys have been silent on who he is playing in season 4. Will he be a supe? A human? A hero or a villain?

Given JDM’s history, he would be an excellent fit on the show as a morally gray villain. Between playing the Comedian in Watchmen and Negan in The Walking Dead, Morgan has the right vibe to play a bad guy who you want to hate but can’t. The Comedian was an awful, racist, abusive man who sexually assaulted Silk Spectre, yet we still felt bad for the guy in the end. I’m not going to lie, I also have an action figure of the Comedian because I can’t resist JDM.

On The Walking Dead, Negan announced his arrival by busting the heads of two fan-favorite characters right open. He made the lives of our beloved survivor group a living hell. Thanks to JDM, we all kind of feel for the character instead of hating him. Well, maybe a mix of love and hate. Negan survived the finale of The Walking Dead and will appear in an upcoming spinoff show. His charisma and sex appeal make his terrible actions even worse, yet you don’t want to stop watching him. So obviously I can’t wait to see what he will bring to The Boys.

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