Tek Knight (Derek Wilson) wears a suit and tilts his head to the side while focusing in 'Gen V'.

Who Is Tek Knight in ‘Gen V’? Explained

Gen V is shaping up to be more than just a basic spin-off of The Boys. It’s building characters with unique powers while putting them in the middle of a conspiracy and murder mystery. That is a lot for these college kids to handle. Right away in the first episode, a main character was killed off. Their death has shaped the rest of the series so far. Godolkin University, where all the baby superheroes go to school, needs closure on the event. What happened to cause such a tragedy?

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The higher-ups at the school call in a superhero detective with his own show to solve the case. Tek Knight arrives in episode 4, called “The Whole Truth,” to get to the bottom of things. Fans of The Boys may have caught the name Tek Knight over the seasons. He’s been mentioned in passing by someone he saved (and broke their spine) and The Seven discussed his films. However, we haven’t seen him in action until Gen V.

What are Tek Knight’s powers?

Like many of the main characters from The Boys, Tek Knight originated from the comic book series of the same name. The version of Tek Knight on Gen V is very different from the comic book character. For starters, in the comic book, he wears a suit of armor like Iron Man or Blue Beetle. He’s one of the only superheroes in the series who doesn’t actually have any super-abilities. All of his power comes from the suit he wears.

In Gen V, the only suit Tek Knight wears is designer-made. With his detective show The Whole Truth and his pristine look, he gives off major Bruce Wayne/Batman vibes. Only this version of Tek Knight actually does have superhuman abilities that help solve cases. He seems to have heightened senses where he can tell when people’s heart rates go up, their pupils dilate, or they start to sweat. This comes in handy when trying to find out if people are telling the truth. Like many of the supes in the live-action universe of The Boys, Tek Knight is less than the hero he appears to be. He puts his own self-interests above the truth or helping people.

Gen V did include Tek Knight’s sexual psychosis from the comic books, with a few changes. He has the compulsion to copulate with holes. In the comics, his obsession was for both people and inanimate objects. The show, however, emphasizes holes in inanimate objects like trash cans or alluring tree notches. If it’s got a hole, he’s into it. Like in the comic books, we find out his particular kink is driven by an inoperable brain tumor. Only in this version, Tek Knight also knows about it. Rumors on the internet say he will pop up again either later in this series or on The Boys. Will the television Tek Knight save Earth by getting frisky with an asteroid, just like the comic book version? It’s The Boys/Gen V, so who knows what his future will hold.

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