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So, When Are We Getting ‘The Amazing Digital Circus’ Episode 2?

Hint: You might want to buy some merch.

Everyone is waiting for it. That’s right. More The Amazing Digital Circus? Directly into my veins, please! Glitch Productions and Gooseworx took over the internet in October when The Amazing Digital Circus premiered on YouTube. Pomni and friends dominated Twitter (sorry, X) for weeks at a time, cementing the series as one of the most popular viral animations of fall 2023.

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As for a second episode and a full first season? Lots of fans are hoping Glitch will set the series in motion for episodic adventures. Here’s what we know so far.

What’s the release window for The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2?

Unfortunately, we don’t know when the second episode for The Amazing Digital Circus will drop. Nor is one confirmed. In a chat with Cartoon Brew on October 26, Glitch’s Jasmine Yang said a final decision on future episodes hasn’t been made quite yet.

However, a second episode (and a full first season) seems extremely likely. It’s clearly on Glitch’s mind, for one. The production company encourages The Amazing Digital Circus fans to buy series merchandise to help “greenlight a full season,” according to the pilot episode’s description. At the moment, fans can purchase a Digital Circus poster, Jax and Pomni plushies, and a Jax-themed sweater, among other offerings.

Millions of animation fans watched the approximately 25 minute-long pilot episode. In just two weeks, the episode landed 45 million viewers; by November 1, 53 million had seen the pilot. We don’t know just how many fans have bought official Digital Circus merchandise, but if millions are tuning in to the first installment alone, you can bet Glitch is collecting plenty of cash from its merch store.

What do we know about The Amazing Digital Circus episode 2?

We really don’t know much else about the Digital Circus series’ future content. Well, save for one tidbit: It seems like future episodes will be available for free on YouTube. When asked, Yang said that Glitch would not necessarily bring The Amazing Digital Circus over to a dedicated streaming platform.

Gangle from The Amazing Digital Circus
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“We are a YouTube-first company. We believe very strongly in the future and potential of YouTube for long-form animation,” Yang said. “A lot of this stems from what we’ve seen in the trends from streaming services, particularly towards animation. I don’t need to go into details about the recent wave of cancellations or the general disrespect towards animation from the mainstream, but we believe that YouTube is the best way forward.”

So if you aren’t subscribed to the Glitch Productions YouTube channel already, you might want to do that now.

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