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Here’s the Full Cast for ‘The Amazing Digital Circus’

Who's who in the digital circus? Here's what you need to know.

The Amazing Digital Circus is out now, and it’s one of the craziest animated series to hit YouTube to date. The pilot stars a zany cast of 3D characters trapped in a digital world they simply cannot escape. Pomni, the show’s star of sorts, has since gained viral internet fame for her adorable character design. But she isn’t the only character that’s since become a fan-favorite.

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Want to know the full cast for The Amazing Digital Circus? Here’s the complete list, and a little bit about each character.


Caine from The Amazing Digital Circus
(Glitch Productions)

The show’s host and lovable antagonist, Caine runs the digital circus in a state of near godhood. Sporting a red tuxedo and an enormous mouth with two heterochromatic eyes in the middle, Caine can create anything he puts his mind to—from new locations to the bizarre, colorful Gloinks. Caine is an AI, although it’s up for debate whether he has sadistic tendencies, or simply doesn’t realize that his digital antics place all of his human captives in a state of near-permanent misery.


Pomni from The Amazing Digital Circus
(Glitch Productions)

Pomni is the latest victim of the digital circus. As she says in the pilot, she placed a headset on her head and suddenly ended up in the mysterious, inescapable confines of the show. Dressed in a jester getup, Pomni is clearly distressed by her new life, although it remains unclear if she will accept her new reality or look for a way to escape from it.

According to creator Gooseworx, she’s “technically” the protagonist of The Amazing Digital Circus.


Ragatha The Amazing Digital Circus
(Glitch Productions)

A Raggedy Ann-like doll, Ragatha is a human woman who found herself trapped in Caine’s 3D world, just like the rest of her fellow (suffering) adventurers. While Ragatha initially tries to acclimate Pomni to her new life, things go a bit awry for our poor doll as the pilot progresses.

Like Pomni, Ragatha has quickly become another fan-favorite female character from the series, especially given she’s a bit of a foil to Pomni’s nervous temperament.


Jax from The Amazing Digital Circus
(Glitch Productions)

A yellow-toothed purple bunny in overalls, Jax deals with the horrors of the digital circus with a devil-may-care attitude. Jax seems pretty aware of the fact that escape from the digital circus is hopeless, instead embracing the insanity of things by being a little mean-spirited. That includes spooking Ragatha by (supposedly) putting a centipede in her room, although Jax seems to get along with the group overall.


Kinger from The Amazing Digital Circus
(Glitch Productions)

Kinger is an enormous King chess piece with two huge eyes and a regal robe. Kinger was the first human to get stuck in the digital circus, and his faculties are really not there. Poor guy. Interestingly enough, Kinger’s insanity hasn’t led him to a nervous breakdown quite yet, although it’s clear Kinger’s mental state isn’t what it used to be.


Gangle from The Amazing Digital Circus
(Glitch Productions)

Like Kinger, Gangle’s mind is incredibly fragile. She switches between two masks—a happy and joyful one along with a crying and depressed face—which resides on a body made entirely out of ribbon. While Gangle isn’t exactly mentally sound, she seems a little more in touch with reality than Kinger.


Zooble from The Amazing Digital Circus
(Glitch Productions)

A geometric humanoid made up of all sorts of shapes, hands, and body parts, Zooble is the second most recent addition to the digital circus. They want no part in the show’s adventures, preferring instead to be left alone. As we see throughout the pilot episode, Zooble’s body can come apart, much to their dismay.

Fans generally use they/them pronouns for Zooble, as Zooble is unsure of their gender.


Bubble in The Amazing Digital Circus
(Glitch Productions)

One of the quirkiest AI characters in The Amazing Digital Circus, Bubble is a giant bubble with sharp teeth. He’s a bit of a cook, creating an enormous feast in the pilot “made with all the love I’m legally allowed to give.” Caine and Bubble tend to hang out, although Caine has referred to Bubble as a “parasite” before for his greedy and hungry nature.

Dr. Football

Dr. Football The Amazing Digital Circus
(Glitch Productions)

We don’t know much about Dr. Football. We don’t even learn his real name in the pilot episode. Gooseworx simply confirmed that he’s called Dr. Football via X (apparently, he’s not a real doctor, nor is he involved in football).

During the pilot, fans get a quick glimpse of this character when Pomni opens a door while looking for Caine, only to be jumpscared by an angry, bathing Dr. Football. It’s unclear if we’ll learn more about him in future episodes.

The Moon

The Moon from The Amazing Digital Circus
(Glitch Productions)

A talking moon with a frisky, flirtatious, and one-directional attraction toward Caine, the Moon is one of the few characters that Caine legitimately seems to fear. We don’t know too much about Moon just yet, except that she’s also an AI, not unlike Caine.

Warning: Spoilers from this point forward

The following characters are integral to The Amazing Digital Circus’ lore, but have qualities or aspects to them that spoil episodes in the series. Read on at your own risk.

The Gloinks

The Gloinks from The Amazing Digital Circus
(Glitch Productions)

The Gloinks are the minor antagonists of the “Gather the Gloinks” adventure in The Amazing Digital Circus. Caine introduces them to create an inaugural adventure for Pomni, and the human cast goes along with it, given the adventures are “something fun to do to, y’know, prevent us from going insane,” as Ragatha says. The Gloinks are ultimately defeated thanks to Kaufmo, ironically enough.


Kaufmo abstracted in The Amazing Digital Circus
(Glitch Productions)

Poor Kaufmo. We’re introduced to the existence of this trapped human early on, but as The Amazing Digital Circus’ pilot continues, we learn that the show’s poor clown has gone off the deep end. Sometime before Pomni’s appearance in the digital circus, Kaufmo abstracted into a eldritch-like monstrosity on a warpath. As soon as our human cast realizes what’s up, Kaufmo takes on the role of the pilot’s antagonist, nearly abstracting the entire crew in the process.

Luckily, Caine sends Kaufmo over to The Cellar and prevents Kaufmo from infecting and harming the rest of the show’s human cast.

The Gloink Queen

The Gloink Queen from The Amazing Digital Circus
(Glitch Productions)

The Gloinks have a queen, and she’s a gigantic behemoth that keeps creating more Gloinks by consuming matter. Like Caine, Moon, and the Gloinks themselves, she isn’t a human—she’s an AI that Caine introduced to the human cast for Pomni’s first adventure. Kaufmo ultimately defeats the queen, to everyone’s surprise.

(featured image: Glitch Productions)

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