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A Whole Bunch of Teenagers Tweeted Bomb Threats at American Airlines Because Humanity Is Terrible

Everyone is the worst.



You’d think that seeing a teenage girl get into actual real-world trouble for tweeting a vague and incredibly-racist terror threat to an airline would make other people want to stop doing that. Of course, that’s a fallacy on your part. Teenagers are not people. They are monsters.

Case in point? Not long after Sarah’s encounter with Dutch authorities went viral, at least a dozen or so teenagers started sending their own stupid bomb threats to the airline. Most of offending accounts have either deleted their tweets or gotten suspended by Twitter, but they all pretty much looked like this:


Come on, guys, did we learn nothing from Sarah’s arrest? These aren’t jokes. Jokes do this thing where they’re funny, and they also have punchlines and actual craft and effort put into them. This is a bunch of asshats making things difficult for a company that now has to look into all of these bogus (and often racist) remarks.

As the Washington Post also rightly points out, if managing a Twitter account becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth, America Airlines may choose to forgo the whole thing entirely. This would be incredibly bad for regular patrons of the airline because believe it or not, brand Twitter account is often one of the quickest and most reliable ways to actually get in touch with someone when you have a customer service problem that needs addressing

(via Washington Post and Time, image via Daniel Foster)

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