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Updated: US Airways Just Tweeted A Picture Of An Airplane Heading In For A Very NSFW Landing

Heads are going to roll like so many carelessly handled bags.


Someone at US Airways is about to be fired. A typical twitter exchange with a complaining customer just ended with the company tweeting a NSFW image of an airplane flying into a vagina. US Airways has obviously already removed the image, but the Internet is forever and unfortunately for the perpetrator, so are the NSFW screencaps.

Earlier today a Twitter user named Elle complained to US Airways about a flight delay:

The company replied

@USAirways yeah, you seem so very sorry. So sorry, in fact, that you couldn’t be bothered to address my other tweets.

— Elle (@ElleRafter) April 14, 2014

And then, there was this tweet, almost immediately deleted but preserved for posterity in all its NSFW glory:


(Update [6:04pm EDT]: Apparently Buzzfeed is reporting that the image came from a German revenge porn site, so we’ve removed the woman’s face from our coverage. Great. That’s not the worst or anything.)

US Airways is already in full damage control,

Update: Business Insider has just received this statement from the airliner.

We apologize for the inappropriate image we recently shared in a Twitter response. Our investigation has determined that the image was initially posted to our Twitter feed by another user. We captured the tweet to flag it as inappropriate. Unfortunately the image was inadvertently included in a response to a customer. We immediately realized the error and removed our tweet. We deeply regret the mistake and we are currently reviewing our processes to prevent such errors in the future.

I still like the idea of a mysterious staffer either accidentally or intentionally publishing the pic out of frustration with inane customer complaints (who hasn’t wanted to quit a job in a blaze of glory?) but even if publishing the image on the airline’s account was accidental, the image is still intriguing.

We all know we’re being fucked by major airliners, but who decides to represent that in pictorial form? Is this a novel fetish I’m not aware of? And who is the mysterious staffer who either accidentally or intentionally published this, probably out of frustration from dealing with endless inane customer complaints?

I definitely have reservations since the lady whose body is being used as a landing strip has her face showing. Maybe she gave the okay before the tweet was released?

Elle hasn’t tweeted for 2 hours or commented on US Airway’s vulgar response, which leads me to think she might be in the air. If so she should be due for some media attention and lots of frequent flyer miles when she lands.

(via Mediaite,  Rollin Bishop and Business Insider, image via Aero Icarus, NSFW image via US Airways)

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