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Woman Allegedly Fired for Getting Her Period at Work Because Women’s Bodies Still Confuse & Terrify Ignorant Men

Women have it ingrained in them from puberty that they need to live in fear of a blood on their pants and be embarrassed even just to buy tampons at a drug store. That degrading mentality toward our bodies is bad enough, but how are we still living in a world where being a woman is a fireable offense?

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Sing This Catchy Song About the Wage Gap When You’re 100% Done With Your Boss

This catchy musical number suggests that Australian women should just leave work at 3:43, since that's all the time they're getting paid for.

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Why Don’t You Know About the Woman Who Wrote the First Simpsons Episode? Because Garbage Misogyny, Of Course

Even the biggest Simpsons fans might not be familiar with Mimi Pond's name, despite the fact that she wrote the very first full-length episode of the show. Being a huge, lifelong fan, I was surprised I didn't know of her. And then I read the story of what followed her writing that episode, and I very much wasn't.

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Trans Actors Talk to Hollywood About the Importance and Benefits of Casting and Hiring Trans

When we ask for inclusivity in Hollywood, we're not asking because it's a nice thing to do. We're asking because it's the right thing to do. Because not doing so is actively harmful, and because being inclusive is the thing that will make the stories that come out of Hollywood better. A group of some of the top trans and gender non-conforming talent working today made a video talking about just that.

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Female Cop Being Punished For Her Dominatrix Past? Gross. Sensationalized Reporting of It? Also Gross.

Being a professional dominatrix is completely and totally 100% legal (though laws regulating it vary from state to state). This is an important fact to remember as we look at the case of New Jersey sheriff’s officer, Kristen Hyman. **CW: Brief description of consensual BDSM activity**

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New Research Claims Women Don’t Get Promotions Because We Don’t Want Them. Yeah, We have Some Thoughts on That

Surprise, surprise

Hey women, good news! A recent article in Scientific American has figured out why you don't see yourself rising through the professional ranks in the same way your male colleagues seem to be able to: It's because you don't want to. Yup, apparently, we should all stop hitting our head on that glass ceiling and just admit we wanted to plaster over it all along.

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After Sexual Harassment Suits, Fox News Is Also Being Sued for Racial Discrimination

Last month, two black women who worked in the Fox News payroll department filed a racial discrimination suit against the network and its parent company, 21st Century Fox. Now, New York Magazine reports that seven more black Fox News employees will join that suit next week.

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On Girlboss: “Girls?” “Women?” Either Way We Lose, Because Both Are Considered Diminutive

The term "girlboss" has come into the mainstream in large part thanks to Nasty Gal founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso's memoir/how-to guide, Girlboss (upon which the Netflix show launching Friday is loosely based). As geeks, we're no stranger to the addition of "girl" to certain words in order to assert a feminine presence: fangirl, geek girl, gamer girl, etc. But does the word "girl," do more harm than good?

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Feminism Around the World: BRB, We’re off to Claim Our Days off for Our Periods in Italy

Early last month, four female legislators in Italy proposed a law that would, as reported by Jezebel, "give women who want to stay home [from work] during their periods the opportunity to do so." The proposed law, which is currently in the lower house of the legislature, would give women an optional three days paid leave a month if they have painful, or particularly heavy periods.

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UPDATE: Fox News, O’Reilly Spent Millions Settling Bill O’Reilly’s Harassment Cases. Tell Me Again How Accusations “Ruin Men’s Careers”?

According to today's report from The New York Times, women in five separate harassment cases against Bill O'Reilly have been paid approximately $13 million in settlements, from either O'Reilly himself or Fox News.

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Iceland’s Government Wants to Make Sure Women Really and Truly Get Equal Pay

It's one thing to talk about closing the gender-based wage gap. But now Iceland has taken steps toward becoming the first country to make employers prove they pay their employees equally.

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Feminism Around the World: Economist Analyzes Global Gender Gap in the Workplace Despite Feminist Gains

There's no question that, in many areas, the lives of women have improved worldwide as more and more women in more and more countries force gender equality to the forefront of the national discussion. However, there's also no question that "improvement" depends on the sector at which you're looking, and what you consider positive, feminist change.

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Uber’s President Resigned After Only Six Months, Thanks to Its Toxic Culture

Abandon ship.

Uber is not having a great year.

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USA Hockey Wants to Hire Scabs to Break the Women’s National Team Boycott

The U.S. Women's National Hockey Team will sit out the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) World Championship as the result of an ongoing dispute over fair pay and support for girls' hockey programs. In response, USA Hockey has threatened to replace them at the event with a team of scabs.

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So, I’m a Dude. Now What?: Stand Up For the Women in Your Life (and All Women) Today, and Every Day

If you are a man, and you are/want to be an ally to women (and we hope that you do!), you may be wondering what exactly you can do to help the feminist cause being marked today. Here are a couple of ideas for you, not just for today, but for every day.

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Uber Employees Tell CEO “We Have a Systemic Problem” Regarding Discrimination and Harassment

During a meeting with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, female employees at the embattled transportation company told Kalanick that there is a very real systemic problem present in their workplace.

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Women Are Statistically Better Physicians, So Why Do They Get Paid Less Than Their Male Counterparts?

What makes the gender-based wage gap in medicine more infuriating is that, despite the sexist "drawbacks" commonly cited when hiring women to justify lower pay, JAMA Internal Medicine recently published research demonstrating that women actually make better doctors, and that fewer people die when under their care.

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Sweden Opens Hotline Allowing Women to Report Men for Mansplaining — When Can We Get One, Too?


Women in Sweden now have a number they can call after they've been mansplained to.

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Anna Camp and Grace Gummer Tackle Workplace Sexism in Amazon’s Good Girls Revolt

Inspired by a true story and based on a book of the same name.

If you're looking for a new series in the vein of Mad Men and The Newsroom that tackles workplace discrimination within the bustling years of journalism in the late 1960s--look no further than Amazon's new upcoming series Good Girls Revolt.

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Emails Leaked by Apple Employees Reveal Harassment and Jokes About Rape and “Man Periods”

After seeing their complaints about harassment at work get ignored by higher-ups, several current and former Apple employees have chosen to leak 50 pages of emails to provide evidence of harassment they experienced at work--and examples of how their bosses ignored that the harassment occurred.

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