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Samira Wiley Married Her Girlfriend and They Are All That Is Beautiful in This Ruin of a World

Samira Wiley, who played fan favorite Poussey on Orange Is The New Black, married her longtime partner Lauren Morelli over the weekend. The single wedding picture released is so stunning that it's still trending on Facebook. This is pretty much all I can think about while every other headline declares that Jared Kushner is being put in charge of America Inc. Let's look at something nice this morning.

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Things We Saw Today: Supergirl Joins the ‘Superhero Fight Club’ with the Cast of Arrow & The Flash

I know, I know--we're not supposed to talk about Fight Club. But this "Superhero Fight Club" video is too adorable not to share, okay? Here's Melissa Benoist's Supergirl getting willingly "kidnapped" by the other DC heroes from Arrow and The Flash, then learning about their super-secret training grounds.

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Monday Cute: Awesome Llamas Crashed a Wedding Reception

Are we sure they weren't on the guest list?

In what can only be described as a beautiful mashup of Wedding Crashers and The Emperor’s New Groove, a pair of adorable llamas turned up at a wedding reception to hang out with people they had never met before.

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Ireland’s Very First Gay Marriage Ceremony Officially Performed

The first gay marriages have just officially been performed in Ireland!

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Harrison Ford Crashes a Wedding, At Least It’s Not Another Plane

Is anyone else worried about Harrison Ford? Because I'm worried about Harrison Ford.

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Enter Our Vitamin String Quartet Giveaway To Win A Copy Of Their New Geek Wedding Album!

Make beautiful geeky music together!

Do you love great music? Perhaps wonderful string covers of your favorite geeky tunes? Then you're going to want to enter our giveaway for the Vitamin String Quartet's new album, the Geek Wedding Collection!

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Benedict Cumberbatch Got Married Today, Plan Your Celebrating And/Or Mourning Accordingly

It has happened.

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This Gorgeous Star Wars Wedding Was Anything But Scruffy-Looking

Nice day for a wampa white wedding.

Super chic nerd-themed weddings might be my new favorite thing on the planet. After all, themed weddings used to have this reputation for being tacky and weird—same as actual nerds, come to think of it. But like Michelle Nguyen's awesome Sailor Moon themed wedding we showed you in December, Jennifer and Joshua knew exactly what they were doing when they hosted their Star Wars nuptials at the Los Angeles Loftseven Penthouse in September 2014. See for yourself!

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Run! It’s the Cutest Doctor Who Proposal Of All Time and Space


Doctor Steven proposes to Annie, the companion of his dreams, and it's probably the sweetest thing you'll see all week. Her middle name is Rose and she definitely has a cute Donna vibe going on with her hair. I'm all about this.

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Things We Saw Today: A Tyrannosaurus Rex Showerhead

Bathe in ancient lizard vomit.

3D printers... find a way.

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The Frozen-Inspired Wedding Gown Is Way Awesomer Than Anticipated

I wouldn't want to let this go (sorry).

Wedding dress designer Alfred Angelo debuted a new line of Disney-inspired wedding dresses on Good Morning America—including, of course, one modelled after Elsa's fab icey gown of freedom. Angelo has eight other dresses, including ones paying homage to Tiana, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel, which you can grab starting this January. This is some next-level everyday cosplay.

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Tom Hardy Crashed A Wedding As Bane, Batmobile Wedding Photos Happened [VIDEO]


Sure, I mean, your wedding had a pretty good cocktail hour but did it have Tom Hardy show up as Bane? A couple getting married in Pittsburgh back in 2011 discovered that their wedding chapel was right next to the live production set of The Dark Knight Rises. Luckily for the wedding party, the production team was so remorseful about all the explosions during the couple's special day that they gave the bride and groom a Bat-wedding to remember.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive Interview: Lucy Knisley On Her New Graphic Novel, Something New

In which weddings are weird. And awesome. But mostly super weird.

Lucy Knisley's new graphic novel, Something New (which we exclusively announced earlier this week), is coming soon from First Second Books, and we're so excited about it. Something New follows Knisley as she attempts to plan a wedding - a process this geeky foodie finds entirely alienating. Lucy sat down to chat with The Mary Sue's Weekend Editor Sam Maggs about her wedding, the graphic novel, cupcake dresses, and Darth Vader.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive Announcement: Lucy Knisley’s New Graphic Novel, Something New

The Mary Sue is so pleased to be able to exclusively announce Lucy Knisley's new graphic novel, Something New from First Second Books! Check out this first look and details!

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Every Day Deserves a Magical Harry Potter-Themed Wedding

This is just like magic!

Lucky break: finding a catering service that's totally excited to wear SPEW badges.

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King Joffrey & Queen-To-Be Margaery’s Adorable* Game Of Thrones Engagement Photos

Hear Me Roar

Yesterday we showed you King Joffrey's Entertainment Weekly cover, today, the outlet has released the adorable couple's engagement photos. It was such a whirlwind romance they only just found the time to shoot in King's Landing. Since the two don't actually have many memories together yet, props included Joffrey's sword and crown. Maergery's only in three of the pictures. Can't you just feel the love? 

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WeLoveFine Helps With An “Animated” Geeky Wedding

Oh Mah Glob Guys

It's wedding time! Come on, grab your friends. We'll go to very distant lands. Like New Zealand! That's where this latest geeky wedding took place. Che Saunders and husband Ford are animators in Auckland so it's not such a big surprise they decided to go with a themed wedding. And they were helped with the theme by dressing up the wedding party in Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors items from WeLoveFine!

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Husband & Wife Take On Death Eaters In Badass Wedding Photo

This is just like magic!

Heroic Photography sounds like the makings of a really nerdy photoshoot, however, Marissa and Kyle's nuptials didn't go full-on geek. They are really big Harry Potter fans though, and Heroic Photography posted on reddit a special image they included with the newlyweds' package. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Things We Saw Today: Victorian-Era Star Trek Cosplay

Things We Saw Today

Jerk Owl Ruins Harry Potter-Themed Wedding, is Definitely Not “Owl Post” Certified

Seriously, Hedwig would never.

What could be more magical than a Harry Potter-themed wedding? Invitations that look like Hogwarts acceptance letters; a cake with edible snitches; Butterbeer as your signature drink; and you could use an owl as your ringbearer! Sadly for one couple, they ended up with more of an Errol than a Hedwig, and their ring exchange was pretty much ruined.

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