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The New York Times’ Wedding Announcement for Stephen Miller Could Have Been a Bit More Honest

White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller (L) and Katie Waldman arrive in the Booksellers area of the White House

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Over the weekend, Donald Trump’s #1 Racist Boy Stephen Miller got married (at a Trump hotel, of course, and with Trump in attendance) and to mark the occasion, the New York Times gave the event a write-up in its Weddings section. The profile was pretty standard, describing Miller and his wife Katie Waldman’s work and families as the paper would any professional couple. But this is not any ordinary professional couple. Miller is the architect of Trump’s racist immigration policies. Waldman currently works for Mike Pence and before that, she was a spokesperson for Kirstjen Nielson.

But the NYT decided to write about the pair as if they’re just a couple of regular wealthy newlyweds instead of super evil wealthy newlyweds, thereby helping to normalize their roles in the Trump administration’s racist, xenophobic policies. (The profile does, at least, link to another article on Miller’s racism.)

Let’s help the Times out with some edits to their original article and see if we can’t make a more honest wedding announcement, shall we?

Katie Rose Waldman and Stephen Miller, who both work in the Trump White House, were married Feb. 16 at Trump International Hotel in Washington because this administration runs on sycophancy and a willingness to line the president’s pockets while he’s in office.

Mrs. Miller, 28, is a special assistant to President Trump and the press secretary to Vice President Mike Pence. From November 2017 to February 2019, she served as a spokeswoman for the United States Department of Homeland Security during the tenure of Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, meaning she built a career on defending the administration’s inhumane policy of family separation and housing children in unhygienic detention camps.

Mrs. Miller graduated from the University of Florida and received a master’s degree in public administration from George Washington University. where she once helped destroy hundreds of copies of the school’s newspaper after it wrote up an endorsement of an opposing candidate for student government.

Mr. Miller 34, is a senior White House adviser, which includes serving as Mr. Trump’s top immigration adviser, directly shaping policies that aim to restrict the number of immigrants coming to the country. Those policies have been shown to have been directly influenced by a number of websites promoting white supremacy.

Mr. Miller became the senior policy adviser on the Trump campaign in January 2016, and was appointed the policy director for the Trump transition team in November 2016. has been pushing white nationalism as America’s official ideology for a full four years. 

He graduated from Duke. 3,500 Duke Alumni have signed an open letter attempting to distance the school’s reputation from his own. They called him, among other things, “really icky” and “very creepy,” especially in the way he would interact with female students.

The couple had spoken many times on the phone in the course of their work, including multiple conference calls, but had never met in person. They were introduced by mutual friends on a Friday in spring 2018 and were engaged about a year and a half later. No one cares how these two met, although we may be shocked that they each managed to find someone willing and even eager to partner with the level of evil they both manifest. We should also be concerned that Waldman is responsible for representing Mike Pence’s positions in regard to Miller’s white nationalism-driven policies at a time when Pence has tried to distance himself from many of Trump’s more extremist views.

Mostly, though, we’re just shocked and grossed out.

Samantha Bee and Full Frontal have thoughtfully set up a registry for the happy repugnant couple. Hosted at, the registry is full of wishlist items from charities that help immigrants and asylum seekers.

“Stephen Miller has made it his life’s mission to strip all compassion and understanding from US immigration policy,” the site reads. “We promise he’ll hate your donation more than he hates the phrase, ‘America is a melting pot.’”

Even Miller’s own uncle has made a donation to, uh, celebrate the union.

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