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[VIDEO] TMS Breaks Down the Captain America: Civil War Trailer




Yeah, yeah, there was another trailer released before this, but this one is the real deal. This is the one that’s gonna get your geek juices percolating. (Eew.) This is the one that has our first glimpse of a major new player in the MCU. It’s the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War.

Civil War comes out May 6th, and in addition to being an action-packed superhero blockbuster, it also has the potential to be a really thought-provoking film that, if done right, can illuminate some real-world issues. How? you ask? Check out the video above, wherein I examine the Captain America/Iron Man divide, the evolution from the original 2006 comics event on which the film is based, and the evolution of my own reception of Civil War between 2006 and today. It’s amazing how much can change in sixteen years.

What are your hopes for Civil War? But more importantly – What side are you on?

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