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Back To The Future and Westworld are Meant To Be Mashed Up

This is a video mashup that I never would’ve thought of myself, but I’m incredibly glad someone else did. That someone is comedian and writer Todd Spence, and his video “Back to the Westworld” visits the concept of what would happen if the worlds of Back to the Future Part 3 and HBO’s Westworld somehow merged–and I’ve got to admit, this is a crossover I really want to see.

I mean, just picture it: you know Ford and Doc Brown could very easily be collaborators or rivaling inventors, depending on the storyline. Meanwhile, Marty would be the type of person to show up in Westworld and have the time of his life saving the day and rescuing damsels in distress while Biff would probably use it as an excuse to get out all his bullying tendencies. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine that the two worlds could overlap, especially since BTTF 3 takes place in 1885 and Westworld‘s park is from a similar age.

The other thing this mashup makes abundantly clear is that there are some dark parts to Back to the Future 3. I somehow seem to forget that Marty is very nearly hanged by Buford Tannen before Doc comes to the rescue–not to mention all of the times that our heroes get shot at. All that being said: I’d be all about a scene in Westworld where the player piano kicks in with a rendition of “Power of Love.” Make it happen, HBO.

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