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Russia Now Selling Cosmonaut Cuisine in Earth-Bound Vending Machines

Recommended by 4/5 Dr.Spacemans.

According to Sputnik News, visitors to Moscow's All-Russian Exhibition Center can now enjoy ISS dining without ever needing to leave Earth! Y...ay?

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Man Uses Forklift to Free Stuck Twix Bar From Vending Machine, Gets Fired Instead of Being Given a Medal

Wait... then what are forklifts even for?

We've all been there, right? You put your money into a vending machine, boop some buttons, and then your candy gets stuck. Some people get mad. It happened to Robert McKevitt when he tried to get a Twix bar at work, but he didn't get mad. He got a forklift. Alright, maybe he got mad first, but he definitely got a forklift. The he got fired.

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Burritos Come from Vending Machines Now, What Future Is This?

100% natural burritos. From a box. Just like nature intended.

Tired of waiting for a human to assemble your burrito like you live in the freaking 1700s? That's a thing of the past—at least it is near one gas station in California, because the Burrito Box, a box that's filled with burritos, is now a thing. Yay?

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Hand-Cranked Vending Machine Takes 70 Cranks to Use

Aside from tentacles, tiny cute things, and being weird all the time, Japan is also really into vending machines. So much so, in fact, that Japanese company Sanden is producing a hand-cranked vending machine that will work in case of some sort of emergency power failure. Seems silly at first, but if designed to provide free drinks in case of some sort of emergency, the machine could actually be a useful tool to help combat the effects of a disaster.

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Japan Will Be Getting Vending Machines That Provide Free Wi-Fi

Pretty much everyone outside of Japan knows that Japan is a little weird, for better or worse. They're pretty weird -- or innovative, depending on how weirded out you are -- when it comes to vending machines, offering a wide range of product through the automated box. Some vending machines over there work via an LCD screen rather than transparent glass, some serve up nothing but bananas, while others make hot ramen noodles and dump them in a bowl full of broth. Now, beverage company Asahi Soft Drinks will be unleashing a vending machine that provides free Wi-Fi to the Japanese masses.

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Cigarette Vending Machines Rejiggered to Sell Books

Let's take a trip. Suppose for a minute that you're a foreign exchange student at the University of Hamburg. And why not? The website, at least, makes it look plenty nice. You just left your Ethnology class when you figure you'll get a pack of cigarettes. You're trying to quit, sure, but it's finals season. You see one of those old cigarette vending machines on the corner wall, but what's this? A mini graphic novel? And only 4 euros? I'm there! I'll never smoke again! Or something to this effect. As Publishing Perspectives reports, Hamburg-based publisher Hamburger Automatenverlag is promoting literacy by remixing those old cigarette machines into book machines.

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