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Burritos Come from Vending Machines Now, What Future Is This?

100% natural burritos. From a box. Just like nature intended.

Burrito Box Kiosk


Tired of waiting for a human to assemble your burrito like you live in the freaking 1700s? That’s a thing of the past—at least it is near one gas station in California, because the Burrito Box, a box that’s filled with burritos, is now a thing. Yay?

The Burrito Box is the product of Box Brands, which as the name would have us believe, is a brand that focuses on boxes. Their website, (emblazoned on the side of the Burrito Box), just links back to, but we have the distinct feeling more food-dispensing boxes are on the way.

There’s currently just one location for the Burrito Box. If you happen to be in Los Angeles and feel like eating a burrito out of a vending machine located inside a gas station, then stop by the Mobil station at 83080 Santa Monica Blvd and let us know what you think.

If you’re interested in getting a Burrito Box at your location — and who wouldn’t want that? — they have contact info on their site.

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