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At 69% Off, You Too Can Date Struggling Singles in Your Area in This Game

Coochie Man of my Heart. <3

Inaya and Yolanda

You’re not crazy if you’re in your twenties, dating around, and wondering what on god’s green Earth is going on. In my experience, it’s very rare that people can actually capture the sheer oddness of living in the modern age, where we seemingly praise “authenticity” yet aren’t taught the value of being our authentic selves with others. The result is the clusterf*** that is the Modern Dating Experience.

And that’s ValiDate‘s whole MO, baby! I’ve spoken about this game at length, but considering what today is, and the fact that the game is on sale at 69% off (nice), we’re gonna talk about it again.

ValiDate is a visual novel that takes you through the lives of various “struggling singles” as they go on various dates with other struggling singles. The game has no airs whatsoever, and unlike other visual novels that rely on camp to the umpteenth degree, ValiDate is refreshingly human in its narrative approach. The characters have incredibly realistic problems and anxieties, which results in the game’s very namesake: a feeling of validation that you, too, are in this shit and doing the best you can!

Unconvinced? Maybe some topical Valentine’s cards will sway you:

Currently, the game has one volume out and is anticipating three others. The second one is slated to release in the nearish future, so stay tuned! It’ll features the misadventures of four other singles, including the fish hat girl, Yolanda. (Who happens to be my favorite, like yes, why do all these people keep telling me their problems?)

And if you want more of this kind of game, refer to the handy recommender below:

Now get out there, nerds, and start struggling!

(featured image: Veritable Joy Studios)

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