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All You Jive Turkeys Gather ‘Round And Watch This Supercut Of People Saying “Jive Turkey” [Video]

Man, that's heavy.

Unless you have a bone to pick with the way your family makes Thanksgiving dinner, you probably wouldn't call an actual turkey a "jive turkey" -- that term is technically meant to denote somebody who makes empty promises. More often than that, though, it's a catch all in '70s comedies for an idiot. Or a white guy. The two overlap quite a bit.

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Thanksgiving Protip: Saying Turkey Makes You Sleepy Makes You Sound Like a Jerk

This myth is tired. Let's put it to bed. See what we did there?

Turkey doesn't make you sleepy. It doesn't. Stop saying it does, because it doesn't. Yes, turkey has tryptophan. Yes, tryptophan is used as a sleep aid. NO. Turkey does not make you sleepy. Don't believe us? Here's Aaron Carol of the YouTube show Healthcare Triage to explain just why this myth is so completely not true.

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White House Wants America to Vote for Their Favorite Thanksgiving Turkey Because of Reasons

What is this, The Hunger Games?!

Hey, remember when people still really liked voting for President Obama? The White House sure does. They're trying to capture the democratic magic once again, but since Obama's not up for re-election, they want you to vote for your favorite Thanksgiving turkey. Because there's nothing else that needs solving in America right now. Yup.

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Doing It Wrong: Guineafowl Imported To Kill Ticks In Turkey May Spread Them Instead

Importing a non-native species to help keep an undesired animal in check is...well, let's just say that calling it an inexact science is pretty generous. For the latest proof of this, one need look no further than the case of guineafowl in Turkey. The birds, which are native to Africa and about as big as a large chicken or small turkey, were brought to Turkey to stem the spread of ticks that can be carriers of Congo-Crimean hemmhoragic fever. One researcher, though, is suggesting that rather than eating the ticks as planned, the fowl may be acting as new vectors to help them spread.

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This Turkey Dubstep Video is the Greatest Thanksgiving Treat of All

We do our best to stay current with everything we put up here on Geekosystem, but if there's a better video to end Thanksgiving Day with than this one of two animated turkeys dropping sick nasty dubstep beats from back in May then we don't know what it is. Moreover, we don't even want to hear about it. We couldn't handle anything better than this right now because we're too sleepy and full.

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So You Want to Be A Turkey Hunter [Video]

If you still haven't bought a turkey, it's not too late. Just follow these tips on how to become a turkey hunter and you'll be handling turkey poop and making silly noises before you know it! Whether or not you actually manage to get a turkey is another matter altogether.

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Inflatable Turkey For Thanksgiving Dieters

There are a whole bunch of problems with preparing a turkey. The amount of work involved is crazy, it takes a long time to cook, you have to make stuffing in conjunction, and it's delicious. Ok, well that last one isn't a problem really, unless you're on a diet, I guess. But it's Thanksgiving, you should be giving thanks for your freedom to be on a diet and you should do that by eating a whole bunch of turkey. If you still insist on being a spoilsport, you can just get an inflatable turkey from The Party Animal and salivate over some tender, seasoned plastic with a delicious air filling. Yum.

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