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Doctor Who Writer Gareth Roberts Talks Vile, Ignorant Trash About Trans Women

CW: Transphobic slur. It's hugely disappointing when someone you trust to tell you stories from one of your favorite sci-fi properties turns out to be a big ol' transphobe.

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#TransFolksAreNotJokes: Janet Mock Responds to Heinous Transphobic Morning Show Interview

Janet Mock has responded to some particularly heinous attacks on herself and transgender people that came by way of "The Breakfast Club," a New York City-based radio show billed as "the most dangerous morning show.

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Dear Image Comics: Depicting Violence Against Trans People Isn’t “Edgy,” It’s Exactly the “Divisiveness” You’re Worried About

So, it's Pride Month. You know, the month in which the LGBTQIA community celebrates not only pride, but survival as we commemorate the Stonewall riots of June 1969? The riots that were started, in part, by trans women of color? Yeah, those. Image's latest "edgy" comic would've been offensive at any time, but it is especially offensive being released this month. **CW: discussion of violence against a trans character**

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8 Times Futurama Dropped the Ball on Gender

Gender identity is a subject where the writers of Futurama often stuck their feet in their mouths.

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The Problem With (Re)Assignment‘s Transphobic, Transmisogynistic Premise

Let's unpack this one slowly, shall we?

We take a look at the horridly transphobic and transmisogynistic premise of (Re)Assignment, a movie about a hitman forced to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

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Internet Jerks Pledge to Make Internet Even Worse in #TheTriggering

Determined to maintain social media's status as a greasy dumpster fire, some internet jerks are coining March 9th and 10th #TheTriggering.

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The Cissexism No One’s Talking About in Gloria Steinem’s Bill Maher Interview

For a majority of the weekend, I noticed the video of Gloria Steinem's recent interview with Bill Maher floating around my social media feeds.

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How Canada and the U.S. Can Improve Transgender Health Care Rights

In celebration of politics running rampant like two frisky rabbits in springtime, let’s get political and talk about health care!

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[UPDATED] Car Rental Company’s Terrible Ad Asks Caitlyn Jenner to “Try This Crossover”

In a tweet discovered by Uproxx yesterday that somehow still hasn't been deleted, rental car company Sixt used the hashtag #IAmCait to invite the reality star to try their new "AudiQ5."

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[UPDATED] Image Comics’ Airboy #2 Has Stupid Transmisogynistic Jokes


We shouldn't have to explain this. We've been through this before. Hell, that time we didn't even have to deal with an actual printed slur. But we have to go over this again, because this stuff keeps somehow coming up like it's weeds what the hell is going on oh my gosh people.

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