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Jane the Virgin: Why Jane and Petra’s Friendship Is a Cornerstone of the Series

It’s hard not to be caught up in the telenovela whirlwind that is Jane the Virgin, so charmed by the sweeping romance and staple tropes that it would be easy to miss some of the series’ minor (and few) missteps. While it’s great the show has finally committed to Rafael (Justin Baldoni) being the “true love interest,” it hasn’t had a great track record when it comes to Jane’s friendships with other women. Petra has become a wonderful exception.

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The Batwoman Trailer Brings Kate Kane’s Origin Story to Life

Basing the first season on Greg Rucka's Elegy run is a smart move.

The more I hear about The CW's Batwoman series, the more excited I am to see it. From casting announcements and released synopses, it's clear that season one will be based on Batwoman: Elegy, a.k.a. the best Batwoman Detective story arc ever written.

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Batwoman Official Teaser Shows off Gotham’s New Hero

We may have seen Kate Kane before, but this Batwoman teaser is a reminder she has her own story to tell.

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What on Earth Is Riverdale Even About Anymore?

You look away from 'Riverdale' for one season and suddenly the Gargoyle King is running around a town that hosts zombies, cults, and some kind of speakeasy for teenagers.

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Why The CW’s Batwoman Casting Raised Concerns About Jewish Representation

Recently, The CW announced the premiere of a new upcoming superhero series, featuring one of DC’s most high-profile LGBTQ+ superheroes, Batwoman. However, when it was announced that Ruby Rose (Orange Is the New Black) was cast as the titular character, Kate Kane (a.k.a. Batwoman), the news was received with mixed reviews for various reasons, one of them being that Rose is not of Jewish descent, while the comic book character is.

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Interview: Rose McIver and Robert Buckley Gave Us a Preview of iZombie’s Final Season

You wouldn't necessarily know what a dark turn The CW's iZombie has taken from talking to the leads of the show. They were all smiles and laughter when the Mary Sue visited the set last fall, and while there was definitely some sadness about reaching the end, they all seemed excited to tell the story.

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Everything We Learned About The 100′s Season 6 From the Set

New planet, old problems.

When we visited the set of The CW's The 100 last fall, no one would spill too many secrets, but we did get a chance to chat with Bob Morley and Marie Avgeropoulos, who portray siblings Bellamy and Octavia Blake, respectively. While there are many twists and turns ahead, one thing is certain: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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What Supergirl’s Immigration Allegory Gets Right (and Wrong)

The beginning of this season of The CW's Supergirl had me rolling my eyes at the comparison between real life immigrants and space aliens. Thankfully, as this season of Supergirl developed, I found the immigration storyline to be full of nuance, and the allegory to be an apt one.

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Why We Deserve to See More of Arrow’s Mia Smoak

The CW's Arrow episode “Star City 2040” not only solved some ongoing Season 7 mysteries involving Felicity’s future fate and the origin of the Archer system, but it also properly introduced us to the next generation hero we deserve: Mia Smoak.

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Here’s Everything We Know About the Batwoman Pilot

The CW show will be the first series to center on a queer superhero.

The series stars Ruby Rose as Kate Kane/Batwoman, who steps in to save Gotham City after Batman leaves town.

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Arrow Coming to an End This Fall With a 10-Episode Season

Stephen Amell shared the news that Arrow will return for ten episodes in the fall, in what will be the end of the series. It is the end of an era.

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Everything We Know About Supernatural’s 300th Episode

Last time Supernatural hit a century mark, we got a musical version of the Winchesters’ lives performed by high school girls. Episode 200, “Fan Fiction,” was a subversive and fun love letter to the fans, but what will episode 300 bring when it arrives on Thursday night?

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The CW’s Arrowverse Cast Reaffirms Their #OpenToAll Campaign in New Videos

I am glad that the network that is making its biggest money with superhero shows understands the importance of those ideals. Just keep hiring some more people of color on your writing staff, please.

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Supernatural Renewed for a 15th Season, Now Old Enough for High School

The CW is bringing back the Winchesterian saga for a fifteenth season, and nine other shows also received the thumbs-up for renewal.

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Riverdale‘s New Spinoff Continues Our Long Love Affair With the TV Musical

The musical TV shows we have been given in the past lay out a very clear path. At first, we weren't sure how to make it work, then we made the music part of the storyline. From there, it just continued, and now we've ended up with Riverdale's new spinoff show about Katy Keene.

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The Flash’s Return Brings Some Really Exciting Storylines, and Some That Really Aren’t

The Flash returns tonight at 8 PM EST and with it the continuation of some dark storylines set up from the midseason finale.

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Batwoman Pilot Starring Ruby Rose Ordered by The CW

For those who enjoyed the scenes we got of Batwoman in the three-episode "Elseworlds" crossover, you can rejoice.

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The Riverdale Cast Talked to Us About the End of #Varchie and the Gargoyle King

The course of true love never did run smooth … I’m sure one of those Shakespeare-quoting, gargoyle-chasing kids of Riverdale will say that to Veronica or Archie when they find out that “Varchie” turned out not to be endgame, and is, instead, just at an end.

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The Supernatural Cast Talked to Us About Driving Lessons, Dangerous Ladies, and Episode 300’s Plot

Last week, we talked about the party Supernatural threw to celebrate reaching 300 episodes, but we didn’t dig into spoilers. Well, fear not, because we got teases aplenty from the cast and crew, leading all the way up to that milestone.

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Why Veronica Lodge Deserves More Than a Boyfriend in Riverdale Season 3

The future seemed wide open for Veronica character as she began to explore the idea of becoming a businesswoman in her own right, and planned to open a speakeasy in Pop’s basement. Unfortunately, season 3 has yet to live up to the promise of that finale when it comes to her character development.

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