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It’s Good That Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson Didn’t Kiss in the MCU

While talking about their chemistry, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson revealed that multiple kisses were cut out for their Marvel characters.

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Apparently the Real Conflict in Men In Black: International Was Behind the Scenes

Stories are emerging detailing the turmoil behind the scenes of 'Men in Black: International,' starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson.

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An Uninspired Men in Black: International Wastes the Chemistry of Its Two Leads

2/5 Pawnys.

This film had every opportunity to be a blast, so why did it feel so leaden?

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The Men in Black: International Trailer Leans Into the Natural Chemistry of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson

Thor and Valkyrie reunited!

The fourth film in the MIB franchise capitalizes on the playful banter that made the duo so much fun as Thor and Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok.

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I’m Here for Everything Tessa Thompson Said About Carol/Valkyrie, the Future of the MCU, and Maybe Even Thor 4

Please let her have a surprisingly big role in Endgame!

"I'm just excited that this new phase promises to have women and queer folks."

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Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson Sending Fan Art to Each Other Is a Mood

Can we all be best friends?

Tessa Thompson and Brie Larson are out here trying to make all our Valkyrie/Carol Danvers dreams come true!

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Captain Marvel/Valkyrie Is Fire, but Let’s Also Ask for More Canonical LGBTQ+ Characters

Since the new Endgame trailer ended with Captain Marvel getting the seal of approval from Thor, there have been two camps: those who ship Thor/Carol, and those who ship Carol/Valkyrie with Thor playing the role of matchmaker between them. There is fanart that is so good that both Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson approve of it.

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Tessa Thompson and Brie Larson Remind Us of the Importance of Diversifying Film Criticism

Diversifying talent behind the camera, and in front, is important, but once a film is out in wide release, are there any women or journalists of color reviewing it and making their opinions heard on what is and is not successful art?

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Things We Saw Today: Tessa Thompson, J.J. Abrams and More Sign on for the 4% Challenge

Plus Wonder Woman, The Joker and more!

Change is in the air at the Sundance Film Festival, where a bold new pledge is quickly picking up steam.

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Creed II’s Paternal Legacy Sidelines the Female Perspective

Creed II and the entire Creed spin-off has managed to be an incredible revival of a franchise that is beloved, a black movie that is proud of its blackness and also a good romance story. Still, that doesn't mean that there isn't one element of the film I wish could be more defined and that is the role of Bianca Taylor as played by Tessa Thompson.

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Valkyrie Would Destroy Killmonger in a Fight. Next Question, Please.

Like Tessa Thompson, we agree that Valkyrie would crush Killmonger in a fight.

Why would Killmonger even stand a chance against her?

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The World is a Mess, So Here Are Attractive Celebrities Wearing Glasses

Look at all these pretty people in glasses. You deserve it.

The world is on fire, so here are some beautiful men and women rocking spectacles to the rescue.

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Tessa Thompson Joins Chris Hemsworth on Avengers 4 Set For More Valkyrie Awesomeness


It seems as though, with a much smaller cast, Valkyrie will have a more pivotal part to play in Avengers 4, as Tessa Thompson is heading to Atlanta with Chris Hemsworth.

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Things We Saw Today: Disney Uses the Power of Tessa Thompson to Draw People into Their Streaming Service

Lady and the Tramp movie added Tessa Thompson as our Lady, which makes us 10x more interested.

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Get the Popcorn Ready to Enjoy Your Internet Crush in Their Lesser-Known Work!

We don't watch What's Your Number? on repeat for the plot.

The idea of the Internet Crush is not lost upon the world. We love our actors and want to support them in any endeavor they embark on. That being said, some of our favorites have made less than favorable movies in the eyes of critics. That doesn't mean we, as fans, think any less of these films, though.

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Where Are All the Dark-Skinned Female Artists in Black Cinema?

The idea of the free-spirited, bohemian black woman has become synonymous with lighter-skinned or mixed-race black women, which is not only limiting to all black women, but puts dark-skinned black women in a box they can't get out of alone.

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Praise the Gay Gods! Tessa Thompson Comes Out as Bisexual With an Awesome Message

Tess Thompson, mother of goats, slayer of edges, and known survivor of Thanos, has been putting her heightened fame and privileges to good use in the industry calling out colorism, racism, sexism and bringing attention to issues even when it could be seen as detrimental to her career. Still, with all of that, Thompson is a relatively private person, which is what makes her official coming out in Porter such a powerful declaration.

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Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson Are Back in Gripping First Creed II Trailer

In our Era of Perpetual Reboots, there is one revived franchise that already proved itself worthy: extending the Rocky universe to feature Apollo Creed's son in the form of Michael B. Jordan.

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Where Was Valkyrie in Infinity War? Tessa Thompson’s Response Almost Makes Up for Her Absence

This doesn't actually answer any of the questions we have about Valkyrie's whereabouts but it still makes us super happy.

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Janelle Monáe and Tessa Thompson Made It Clear That Not All Women Have Vaginas In “PYNK”

"PYNK" is a glorious, pink-hued celebration of female sexuality and empowerment. And while the video is laden with vaginal imagery, Janelle Monáe and Tessa Thompson went out of their way to acknowledge that there are women without that anatomy.

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