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Tessa Thompson Shares All the Fun Things She Got to Do Filming Thor: Love and Thunder

Marvel Studios' THOR: RAGNAROK..Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson)..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2017

Tessa Thompson is easily one of the most fascinating actors out there. With a successful career making films such as Sorry to Bother You and playing Bianca in the Creed franchise, she is constantly working and keeping us on our toes. In a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Thompson talked with Kimmel about her latest movie, Passing, directed by Rebecca Hall, and her work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

She plays Valkyrie in the Thor movies and was last seen in Avengers: Endgame as the new King of Asgard. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next journey for Valkyrie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now that she is taking over Asgard from Thor while he’s off exploring with the Guardians of the Galaxy. And that next journey is going to happen in Thor: Love and Thunder.

So … that also means that Thompson was filming in Australia, which was, essentially, a COVID-free country for a good portion of the last year. That meant that filming for Thor: Love and Thunder was a bit freer in the sense that they could actually go out and do things, while the rest of us just watched from our homes. Like, remember the infamous kiss?

“I did all the things. I went to Magic Mike Live. No one requested that, I just went,” Thompson said, and honestly, I’m glad she went and lived her best life. I’m glad Thompson could go and enjoy her time when she wasn’t working in a way that the rest of us couldn’t—and she did, including meeting some Tasmanian devils and feeding kangaroos.

You can see the full interview here:

Thompson talking about filming comes right on the heels of new set pictures of Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman taking a “romance stroll” in character, wearing their wigs from Thor: The Dark World. The two are in character and getting hot dogs? Happy for Thor. Feel like he’d absolutely love a hot dog.

But what this all shows us is that the set to be on was, apparently, Thor: Love and Thunder. They seemed to have the time of their lives filming and going to enjoy Australia, and now it just makes me even more excited about the fourth movie in the Thor franchise—the second from Taika Waititi.

Thor: Love and Thunder is going to be a trippy fun time, if Thor: Ragnarok is anything to go off of, and we can’t wait to see our wonderful friends again.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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