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Parkland Students Lead the Way on Gun Control, Showing Up Our Supposedly “Adult” Elected Officials

The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida are taking their civilian actions right to the government, hopefully shaming them into doing something concrete to change the hold guns have on this country.

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How to Change the Abusive Culture of Teen Sexting? Start by Putting the Responsibility on Boys.

A new study looks at the culture around teen sexting. While it's been found that boys often use anger, threats, and other forms of coercion to elicit nude pictures from young girls, the responsibility to stop these exchanges is nearly always and entirely placed on the girls.

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Issa Rae Pitches a “Black 90210 or Gossip Girl” and It Sounds Like the Best Show Ever

Attention TV networks and streaming services! Issa Rae has an idea for a new TV show that will almost certainly make you bank. Check out her pitch after the jump, and then get on that shizz before someone beats you to it.

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Honest, Accurate Gender and Sex Education For Youth (and Adults!) In An Era of “Alternative Facts”

In a world that feels like it's regressing into the Dark Ages, it's that much more important for accurate information to be accessible to everyone. Even at the best of times, sex ed is a touchy subject. Despite having sex shoved in our faces through the media, our culture can be surprisingly sex-negative or sex-ignorant. And forget about incorporating LGBTQIA folks into the mix! Thankfully, there are resources out there that seek to combat all that with actual facts, not "alternative" ones.

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New Freakish Trailer Brings Teen Horror to Hulu

Prepare to scream.

What if The Breakfast Club were made into a horror series? I’m not saying that’s what happened with Hulu's new show Freakish, but there are some similarities to the film.

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The ‘Shine’ Messenger Bot Sends Daily Affirmations to Boost Teens’ Self-Confidence

Not all Facebook Messenger bots are trying to sell you something. Shine just wants to cheer you up.

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Teens at Modern Art Gallery Puts Glasses on Floor, Wow Visitors

Ceci est une paire de lunettes.

17-year-old TJ Khayatan was hanging out with some friends recently at San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art, when he noticed some of the pieces weren't as elaborate as he'd expected them to be.

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Support for Racially Profiled Student Ahmed Mohamed Encourages Irving Police to Come to Their Senses


We've been following the story of Texas high school student, Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school, and we - along with many prominent folks - stand with Ahmed.

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Teen Girl’s Yearbook Quote Extols Feminism, Fights for LGBTQ+ Rights, Basically Saves Humanity

Who says there's no hope for our youth?

Every generation likes to look at their youth and talk about how much worse they are than we were "in the Good Ol' Days." How they "don't care" about the world around them. Well, just one look around at our young people today, and you can find plenty of examples of teens who can see beyond cool clothes or the latest Jenner sibling Instagram post. Teens like Caitlyn Cannon.

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Review: Sterling Gates’ The Posthuman Project Provides An All-Ages Alternative to Age of Ultron

OK, less "alternative" and more "in addition to," but still.

You might know Sterling Gates' work from comics, including Supergirl, Superman, and Green Lantern Corps. However, Gates is also a screenwriter and he, along with writer, Matthew Price, and director, Kyle Roberts, have created an indie superhero film called The Posthuman Project, which is available on iTunes and other VOD outlets TODAY!

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Just How Obsessed Are Teens with Texting?

"Teens send an average of 34 texts a night (adding up to 3,400 a month) after going to bed — in some cases up to four hours after hitting the sack, found researchers from JFK Medical Center, in Edison, N.J. The evidence has been mounting that teens mightily prefer texting to actual contact with family members, with studies from Nielsen and Kaiser contributing data that show teens consider the loss of a cell phone more dire than the loss of an internal organ." --The next generation's technological habits are egregious and highly upsetting, just as this generation's technological habits were egregious and highly upsetting to our forebears. Seriously, though, get some sleep, your bones are still growing. (via title pic via ICHCB.)

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