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Garbage Right-Wing Street Artist Mocks Jimmy Kimmel’s Masculinity Because He Dared Respond to Las Vegas Shooting Like a Human Being

A street artist is attacking Jimmy Kimmel for showing emotion on his show while talking about the tragedy in Las Vegas. Because for some, still, the worst insult you can throw at a man is the word "estrogen."

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Berlin Teens Are Transforming Hateful Swastikas Into Street Art As Part of #PaintBack

A new initiative called #PaintBack aims to do more than just paint over Nazi graffiti; they work to transform it into street art.

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The Louvre’s Glass Pyramid Hides in Plain Sight, Thanks to This Trompe-l’œil Display

The Louvre's glass pyramid, a sculpture by architect I.M. Pei, stands in the courtyard of the building for all to see ... until now, due to this trompe-l’œil art installation by a French street artist who goes by JR.

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China’s Great Wall Is Now Graffiti Friendly

Or maybe we're all falling for an elaborate Banksy prank.

Do you have revolutionary political views (GIVE PEACE A CHANCE) or a budding relationship you want to commemorate for all time? New graffiti sections on the Great Wall of China now allow you to immortalize your genius for as long as the monument may stand. No pressure.

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Why Do People Keep Defacing Banksy’s Work in New York ?

Yes, we understand the immense irony of that question.

This morning, Banksy posted three new images to his Instagram and website as part of his month-long romp around New York City. They haven't even been up that long, and apparently one of them has already been whitewashed. What gives?

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Banksy New York Scavenger Hunt: Day Three

Banksy has turned NYC into a weird art race.

October is shaping up to be a great month for art geeks in New York City because Banksy is in town trying to put on an entire show on the streets of the city. It's become a de facto game, the object of which is to get to the piece before someone else tags over it. It's not even noon, and we're already late to today's party. Thanks a lot, Raffzilla.

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Toronto’s Streets Are Full of Anthropomorphized Monster Objects

Or art. Whichever.

Aiden Glynn is a street artist who likes to put together wacky nerd-related grafitti and tags up all around Toronto. His latest project involves glueing eyes, teeth, and sometimes tongues to different objects like grates and trash cans. The result is something that looks like like Sesame Street mashed up with Pixar's Cars. We're big fans.

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Someone Is Putting Felt Vulvas on Statues, and We’re Not Going to Stop Them

A Series of Fallopian Tubes

Above is a statue of Edward Cornwallis, the British military officer who founded Halifax, Nova Scotia, where this handsome statue has stood since 1931. Cornwallis is best known for trying to make peace with native tribes while attempting to occupy the territory in 1749, and then failing miserably, engaging in a race war with the Mi’kmaq tribe and putting a bounty on the scalps of their men, women, and children. (To be fair, the tribes were also doing their own scalping.) He later became the governor of Gibralter, probably not by winning the Algonquin vote. Anyway, what you'll see after the jump is a bigger picture of this glorious statue of Edward Cornwallis with a felt vulva.

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Terracotta LEGO Street Art

Nothing like a little staggeringly 3D-looking street art to brighten up your day and make you wish that you were talented at things other than wasting time on the Internet. Have no fear: I've got you covered. Above is a stunning street-chalking done by Planet Street Painting for the Sarasota Chalk Festival. Head on past the jump to check out the initial wireframe.

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Hanksy Brings an Awesome Pun to the World of Street Art

England, you can keep your artistic, socially conscious, elusive street-poet Banksy, we have our own tongue-in-cheek, punny, irreverent ripoff: Hanksy. No one knows who Hanksy is, but one thing is for sure, the guy has excellent taste in puns. His art has been turning up all over New York's Lower East side and provides that nice, Tom Hanks pick-me-up that everyone needs. So far, it looks like his work consists entirely of ripping off Banksy and punning Tom Hanks' name, but that has more potential than you might think. I hope Hanksy gets his own art shows and documentary, "Exit Through the Drift Shop." Get it? Like Castaway? Drifting, like on a raft.

Clearly, I'm not Hanksy.

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Olek Yarn Bombs An Entire Apartment

Don't Try This At Home

That, right there, is an entire studio apartment, yarn bombed by the yarn bomber herself, Olek, famous for crocheting the Wall Street Bull among other New York locations (and some New Yorkers). A recreation of her 15'-by-14' studio apartment is currently on display at the Christopher Henry Gallery through May 28, where Olek has also been sleeping. Because that's her actual bed. This brings new meaning to the term "cozy little apartment," doesn't it? By the way, the text on the walls was inspired by real text messages from former lovers. (Pic by Dean Kaufman for New York Magazine, via Flavorwire)

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Yarn Bomber Hits Philadelphia

Fashion for Nonhumans

Crafty and cozy street artist Ishknits has struck again, this time on Philadelphia's Blue Line Train. Blast that Ishknits! Destroying the mundanity of mass transit with snuggly sweaters, preventing weary riders from sliding to-and-fro! More pics of this latest project after the jump.

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Girl’s Vandalism-Free, Banksy-Inspired Street Art

Meddling Kids

A 10-year old girl named Gracie was so inspired by street artist Banksy after seeing Exit Through the Gift Shop with her father that she wanted to become a street artist herself. Except without the vandalism. And with her father's help, Gracie and her siblings painted some faces on rocks and scattered them throughout their home town. The result: adorable, colorful, completely legal street art. If Ludo from Labyrinth called all these guys together, it would make such an awesome Pixar movie.

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