Banksy New York Scavenger Hunt: Day Three

Banksy has turned NYC into a weird art race.
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October is shaping up to be a great month for art geeks in New York City because Banksy is in town trying to put on an entire show on the streets of the city. It’s become a de facto game, the object of which is to get to the piece before someone else tags over it. It’s not even noon, and we’re already late to today’s party. Thanks a lot, Raffzilla.

The dog, the hydrant, and the “You complete me…” thought bubble are the banksy. The collar, leash, and “Raffzilla” tag were added at some point this morning. Then later someone added what we guess is a fart bubble that says “My 1st tag was a BANSY” [sic] and some kind of blue face. We’re assuming these are separate acts of graffiti-on-graffiti crime because the Raffzilla tag can be seen on its own in a post on Street Art News.

Though it’s already been tagged over by our new least favorite graffiti artists, Raffzilla and BANSY, Banksy himself posted the original work to his Instagram account this morning.

The piece is near the corner of 24th and 6th. We recommend heading over soon before the Banksy piece is completely covered.

(via Banksy on Instagram, image via John Vorwald)

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