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Strangers: One of the Best Shows on Television Is Actually on Facebook

Despite the inherent benefit of being able to clog our timelines with their videos, Facebook has been strangely ineffective with marketing their new streaming platform. Or at least, that's what I'm gathering from number of people I've heard discussing the site's show Strangers, which is close to zero. That's unfortunate, because Strangers is hands down one of the very best new shows this fall.

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CBS Announces Premiere Date for Star Trek: Discovery, But Don’t Expect to Be Able to Binge It

After several delays and lots of uncertainty, we finally have a premiere date for Star Trek: Discovery. We also have a schedule for it. What? You expected that since it's available exclusively on a streaming service that you'd get to binge it all at once? Nope.

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All the Reasons to Get Excited for Take My Wife Season 2

Five stars.

Seeso’s Take My Wife is my new favorite TV show. Because I’m a grad student, and it’s summer, and I can’t stop binge-watching everything, this is saying a lot. But Take My Wife is the reigning queen of television for me right now – I just inhaled all of season 1, and I CANNOT WAIT for Season 2, which just finished shooting.

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DC Entertainment to Launch New Digital Service, Because Every Company Is Basically Their Own Network Now

If you wanna watch this show, you have to get this service. We've been hearing a lot of that lately (she said as she continued to ponder whether getting CBS All Access was worth it just to have access to Star Trek: Discovery). Now, DC Entertainment is teaming up with Warner Bros. Television in a digital endeavor of their own. A new, direct-to-consumer digital service that will be the exclusive home of some pretty exciting projects.

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Netflix Finally Allows Subscribers to Download Video for Later … and No One Ever Interacted With Each Other Again

Netflix now allows subscribers to download films and episodes of their favorite shows for later viewing. Because the streaming rabbit hole wasn't addictive enough.

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The Season Premiere of Kings of Con Is Here to Take Your Mind Off Our Fast-Approaching Mad Max Future

You deserve a break today.

I get it. Sometimes you just need to step away from the lengthy think-pieces detailing the uncertain future we're facing. Thankfully, Kings of Con is here to quell those worrisome thoughts, even if just for a few minutes.

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[VIDEO] TMS Interviews the SuperMansion Cast About Santa’s Existential Crisis and Jordan Peele’s Get Out

As part of our New York Comic-Con coverage, I hit up some of the SuperMansion cast and crew to talk about their upcoming special, "SuperMansion: The War on Christmas" which centers on Santa Claus experiencing an existential crisis after realizing he'd have to deliver so many presents in one night. We also discussed the show's interesting character names and I even got to ask Keegan-Michael Key his thoughts on Jordan Peele's horror film, Get Out.

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Mary J. Blige Serenades Hillary Clinton With the Truth of Being Black in America on Apple Music’s The 411

In a promo that hit Twitter last night, coinciding with the Presidential debate, Apple Music announced the premiere of a new show, The 411. Check out the video above in which Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton have an unexpected interaction.

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Premiere Date For CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery Pushed Back

It was already a long wait for Star Trek fans when it was announced that Star Trek: Discovery would be premiering in January 2017 on CBS Access. Well, it looks like we'll have to wait a little bit longer.

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Netflix Is Urging the FCC to Fight Back Against Data Caps so You Can Watch More Netflix

We put Netflix in your Netflix!

Netflix keeps most of its viewership data to itself (with some recent exceptions), but there's one thing they're making perfectly clear: people who do watch Netflix need to be able to watch more of it. That's what they're telling the FCC, as the streaming Internet TV giant jumps into the fray to fight against data caps imposed by Internet service providers.

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Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim Bring Gay DC Superhero to CW Seed in New Animated Series

It looks like DC is getting its first animated gay superhero thanks to DCTV powerhouses, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim. Much the way Vixen was given an animated series on the CW Seed to introduce her into the DC television universe before bringing her into live-action, so too will be the case for DC's The Ray.

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Now You Can Watch “Mini TV Shows” on Snapchat

This message will automatically delete in five seconds.

NBC announced that they’re stepping into the mobile streaming game with content from favorites like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live.

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Netflix Customers Are Quitting Over Price Hikes, but the Company’s Not Worried

Investors are, though.

In Netflix's move to expand and take over the entire world, their growth in terms of new subscribers has actually slowed a bit. While they're still moving in the right direction, subscriber numbers are falling short of expectations, and there may be a simple reason why: people don't like higher prices.

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Netflix Announces New Deal With The CW For Exclusive Streaming Rights

R.I.P., Hulu/The CW.

What does this mean for viewers? According to the announcement, Netflix customers will be able to stream full seasons eight days after the show's season finale. The press release, released on the official Netflix site, also confirmed which shows will be made available.

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Netflix Has Finally Released Their Super-High Viewership Numbers. But Why Now?

Remember last January, when NBC hired a tech firm in order to figure out Netflix's viewership numbers, because Netflix refused to release them? Netflix is singing a different tune now.

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The CW Ends Deal With Hulu Meaning Some of Us Won’t Watch CW Shows In-Season Ever Again

But hey, they're renewing with Netflix so enjoy watching seasons after they're over! *sigh*

Just when I think television networks are starting to figure out this "new media" thing, they do something bass-ackwards to prove that what they're really trying to do is make "new TV" like "old TV."

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Cornetto Creates “Smart Rings” For Couples to Make Sure They Only Watch TV Together

If we were still even remotely in the vicinity of April 1st, I would happily write this product off as an April Fool's gag. But no.

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Netflix Unconcerned About Plight of VPN Users, Would Like Regional Restrictions Lifted Entirely

We can all relate to personal struggles with the contents of Netflix's streaming content library, but as the company expands its international reach, there are more users than ever who are cut off from portions of that content due to regional rights restrictions. Those customers may not be too happy that Netflix is making it harder to circumvent those restrictions using a VPN, but Netflix isn't really the "bad guy" here. They don't have much of a choice.

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Amazon to Add Separate Monthly Subscription Options for Prime and Video

Amazon's prime subscription service is an enticing package with free two-day shipping and unlimited access to the company's Prime Video streaming service (home to Orphan Black and recently nabbed Doctor Who), but it's also got a decent overhead due to $99 for a one-year subscription being the only payment option. That's about to change.

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The Netflix Algorithm Doesn’t Care About Gender, Age, or Geography — Only Your Taste

The only weird thing about Netflix's meteoric rise to power is that almost nothing has gone wrong for them. That's all thanks to their hard work, but it's also kind of weird that no one's complained about them yet, right?

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