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Lady Whistledown Better Pick Up That Quill— Because Here’s All the Hot Goss We Know About the ‘Bridgerton’ Prequel

But will her wigs be just as amazing?

Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton with a doggo

2022 has been good to Bridgerton fans! Season two was released last week, giving us the story of Anthony Bridgerton’s fraught love triangle with the Sharma sisters, Edwina and Kate. The leads have fantastic chemistry, but they weren’t the only fun onscreen. Although Bridgerton is full of amazing characters, one that consistently stands out is Queen Charlotte, played by Golda Rosheuvel. And now, more information has come out about the Bridgerton prequel that was announced last year.

The prequel will focus on Queen Charlotte’s early days, before she became the steely-eyed ruler with fantastic fashion we know her as today. I couldn’t be happier that the Queen will be taking the spotlight! Although Queen Charlotte doesn’t have as much screen time as other Bridgerton characters, she’s proven herself to be just as deep and fascinating as the rest of the cast. Seasons one and two have seen Charlotte try to uncover Lady Whistledown’s identity, maintain order in the unruly ton, and deal with her grief over the declining health of her husband, King George. And as we saw this season, she deeply loves him, so a prequel can only mean some very steamy romance between those two.

Here’s everything we know so far!

What’s the Premise?

The new spin-off series, currently untitled, will tell the story of Queen Charlotte’s arranged marriage with King George, her arrival in the British court, and her efforts to navigate the new world she’s found herself in. The series will presumably see Charlotte gain her footing in order to rise to the formidable monarch she is in Bridgerton.

But Charlotte won’t be alone as a young queen. The series will also explore her longtime friendship with Lady Agatha Danbury. Lady Violet Bridgerton will also appear in the series.

Buzz has been building about the series ever since it was announced in 2021. Here’s what Netflix’s Head of Global TV Bela Bajaria had to say in a statement last year.

Many viewers had never known the story of Queen Charlotte before Bridgerton brought her to the world, and I’m thrilled this new series will further expand her story and the world of Bridgerton,” said Netflix in a statement in May 2021. “Shonda and her team are thoughtfully building out the Bridgerton universe so they can keep delivering for the fans with the same quality and style they love. And by planning and prepping all the upcoming seasons now, we also hope to keep up a pace that will keep even the most insatiable viewers totally fulfilled.

In an interview with E!, Rosheuvel shared some details about the new series too.

I can tell you that it’s an origin story. So you will be seeing a younger Queen Charlotte, I will be in it….I’m really looking forward to what’s going to come out. We’re going to still be in the world of Bridgerton. We’re not moving away from the world that we know and love Queen Charlotte to be in. I think that’s really clever, because it kind of keeps us on the same track.

Rhimes herself has already expressed her excitement about the new project. She said in Variety, “I’ll be blunt: It was when Ted picked up the phone and called me and said, ‘Why aren’t we doing a show about Queen Charlotte? And will you write it?’” Rhimes added that she’s always thought of Queen Charlotte as “the Beyoncé of the show.”

Is There a Story Yet?

For a long time, there was no word on any scripts. In fact, when the news about the prequel first broke last year, Rosheuvel said that no scripts had been written yet. In late March 2022, though, Shonda Rhimes shared an Instagram photo of a script. Queen Charlotte’s story is taking shape, and somewhere out there are some very lucky people who know what happens in it!

Who’s in It?

Although the series is a prequel to the events in Bridgerton, Rosheuvel, Andoh, and Ruth Gemmell are reprising their roles as Queen Charlotte, Lady Danbury, and Lady Bridgerton, respectively. However, the series has also cast actors to play younger versions of the main characters, so it looks like the show will contain some jumps in time. Here are all the confirmed cast members so far!

India Amarteifio will play Young Queen Charlotte.

Arsema Thomas will play Young Agatha Danbury.

Cyril Nri will play Lord Danbury.

Corey Mylchreest will play Young King George.

Michelle Fairley will play Princess Augusta, the dowager princess and mother of King George.

Sam Clemmett will play Young Brimsley.

Richard Cunningham will play Lord Bute.

Tunji Kasim will play Adolphus.

Rob Maloney will play the Royal Doctor.

Hugh Sachs will play the older Brimsley.

When Will It Come Out?

There’s no release date yet, since the series is still in pre-production. But in the meantime, enjoy Bridgerton Season 2, now streaming on Netflix! And tell us in the comments, what do you hope for in the new series?

(featured image: Netflix)

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