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Here Are All ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3 Confirmed Cast and Characters

Umbrellas and Sparrows and Aliens, oh my.

Umbrella Academy all Grown Up

The Umbrella Academy season 3 will premiere on Netflix on June 22, 2022 (after season two ended on a cliffhanger)! The Umbrella Academy follows the Hagreeves siblings—seven of 43 superpowered children born simultaneously on October 1st, 1989. They were born to women who had previously shown no signs of pregnancy. The Hargreeves were then adopted by the eccentric scientist, Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore), who put them to work fighting crime.

As adults, the Hargreeves are a dysfunctional lot who all went their own separate ways. When their father passes, however, the siblings are forced together to understand his passing (and to stop an oncoming apocalypse). Season two, sees the Hargreeves transported to the 1960s, where they must find a way home. However, the final episode of The Umbrella Academy season two ended in a shocking twist.

The Hargreeves siblings managed to return to their own timeline after their adventures in the 60s. But they quickly realize that their actions in the past have vastly altered the present. In this new timeline, instead of forming the Umbrella Academy, Sir Hargeeves chose to form the Sparrow Academy. The Sparrow Academy boasts almost all new faces, and one recognizable face, Ben (Justin H. Min) or Number Six, who was previously deceased and is now alive as one of the Sparrows. Ben isn’t the only one back from the dead, as Sir Hargreeves is also still alive in the new timeline. It’s probably all going to get a bit confusing—so, in anticipation of keeping a handle on who is who (and from what timeline), here are all the characters you’ll see in Umbrella Academy season 3.

All returning characters in The Umbrella Academy season three

The Umbrella Academy Cast together in better costumes than they get on the show, except for Klaus, duh.

Tom Hopper is returning as Luther Hargreeves/Number One, an astronaut with superhuman strength. Luther is one of the most lovable characters with his “older brother” mentality (and for being adorably awkward). However, a mission gone awry left him with the upper body of an ape.

David Castañeda is returning as Diego Hargreeves/Number Two, the rebellious troublemaker who can manipulate the trajectory of anything with his mind. While he plays the rebel, he really just wants the affection and approval of his adoptive parents.

Emmy Raver-Lampman is returning as Allison Hargreeves/Number Three, the celebrity who has the power to control minds. With a simple, “I heard a rumor” she can bend reality and have anyone do her bidding.

Robert Sheehan is returning as Klaus Hargreeves/Number Four, the flamboyant drug and alcohol addict who communicates with the dead. Klaus brings much humor to the show, however, he also illustrates the dark side of the Hargreeves’ powers and childhood.

Aidan Gallagher is returning as Five Hargreeves, the boy who can jump through time and got stuck in a post-apocalyptic world for years. When he finally got back to his timeline, he reverted back to his 13-year-old body. However, he still boasts the same sarcasm and arrogance that initially got him in trouble.

Justin H. Min is returning as Ben/Number Six, the deceased Hargreeves sibling who can summon tentacles from his body. A change in the timeline means that Ben will be alive in season three. However, he won’t be the same kind and helpful ghost-brother we’re used to.

Elliot Page is returning as Viktor Hargreeves/Number Seven, the meek violinist who thought he had no powers until he realized he was the most powerful of all the Hargreeves—with his ability to turn sound into physical force. Viktor will come out as a transgender man in season three, corresponding with Page’s own transition.

Colm Feore is returning as Sir Reginald Hargreeves, the wealthy, eccentric scientist (who isn’t the greatest father out there). Season two revealed that Hargreeves isn’t what he seems, and his true identity may be further explored in season three.

Ritu Arya is returning as Lila Pitts, the love interest of Diego, who is also one of the 43 superpowered children. Pitts has the power to mirror the powers of others and brings hope that we’ll meet more of the other 43.

All new characters in Umbrella Academy season 3

Sparrow Academy Posters

Justin Cornwell will portray Marcus Hargreeves/Number One, a natural-born leader who could rival Luther with super strength.

Britne Oldford will portray Fei Hargreeves/Number Three, who “sees the world in a special way” and might be hiding her powers behind her mysterious sunglasses.

Jake Epstein will portray Alphonso Hargreeves/Number Four, a heavily scarred man with a “biting sense of humor.” He could also be the Sparrow from the comics who can transfer his injuries onto others.

Genesis Rodriguez will portray Sloan Hargreeves/Number Five, a dreamer who wants to see the world beyond the Academy, but feels held down by her family.

Cazzie David will portray Jayme Hargreeves/Number Six, a loner who often hides under a hoodie and has a “fear-inducing snarl.”

Existential Dread Inducing Psykronium Cube will portray Christopher/Number Seven, the telekinetic cube who is the loyal and trustworthy oracle of the Sparrows.

Javon Walton will appear in Umbrella Academy season three in a mystery role. The Euphoria star has said his role is too random to even be leaked.

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