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Buzz Aldrin Does His Best Superman Impression at Stonehenge for the Future of Space Exploration

Yelling at the Moon Mars with Buzz Aldrin.

Super Aldrin! With the power to leap tall Moon truthers in a single bound!

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Underground Map Of Stonehenge Reveals Lots Of Goodies, But (Probably) No Pandorica

Hello, Stonehenge!

Achaeologists working for the aptly-named Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes team have used 3D imaging technology to examine what's buried beneath Stonehenge, and they found some pretty sweet new historical secrets. As far as we know, none of them are a giant box containing Amy Pond, but the henge is surrounded by a something that resembles an ancient Roman racetrack, so I'll just imagine the Last Centurion pacing circles around Stonehenge and I'm not crying you're crying.

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Things We Saw Today: In Space No One Can Hear You Sleep

Etsy user CBedroom is selling some beautiful looking space bedding sets in their shop. My only worry is I'd wake up from an afternoon nap and think I fell through a wormhole.

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Is Stonehenge Actually A “Giant Glockenspiel?”

Saying "Stonehenge Rocks!" works on sooo many levels now.

There are many mysteries surrounding Stonehenge, one of which, according to a new British study, is whether or not the perplexing monument was built as a giant percussive instrument.

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British Team Says Stonehenge Was Ancient Party Hotspot

Is it an ancient clock? A calender? The site of rituals? Secret location of The Pandorica? There have been countless theories about Stonehenge over the years to try to explain its uses and origins, but a new theory says that Stonehenge is actually older, and way more fun than previously thought. If the theory is right, Stonehenge was actually an ancient party spot. Rock on, ancient Britons.

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Thor 2 Promises More Idris Elba, More Asgard, More… Stonehenge?

old gods do new jobs

Iridis Elba, veteran of many, many amazing television roles, this summer's Prometheus and next summer's Pacific Rim, talked to the Examiner about returning to the role of Heimdall in Thor 2, otherwise known as Thor: The Dark World. The actor delicately skipped around talking about the substance of the movie:
In the new film we're going to get to know Heimdall the Asgardian a bit better, and we're going to get to know Asgard a bit better," Elba said. "I can't say too much, but the expansion of Thor in his world is going to be huge.
We've already seen a few hints of the huge in T:TDW, in leaked set photos that I initially took to be the most boring photos of a rainy graveyard I'd ever seen and wondered why anyone had even bothered posting them. Then I noticed that there was a blue van in the photo, and what I'd mistaken for tombstones were actually huge obelisks.

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Winter Solstice 2011 at Stonehenge: Despite Mayan Apocalypse, Druids Predict 2012 to be Good Year

The 2011 winter solstice, the longest night of the year, was observed at Stonehenge yesterday. Aside from a collection of interesting pictures featuring Stonehenge and druids (seen after the break), the druids observed the winter solstice, and came to the conclusion that 2012 will be a good year; a notion in direct contention with how the Mayans thought the world would make out in December of next year. You know, since the Mayans predicted there wouldn't be a world anymore.

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Now You Can Explore the Sights and Sounds of Stonehenge on Your iPhone

Stonehenge has been mystifying people for quite a long time, but getting to the massive circle of standing stones could pose a problem for many. Happily, the Stonehenge Experience app for iOS tackles this problem with gusto, aiming to bring you the sights and even the sounds of Stonehenge regardless of where you may be.

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Geologists Pinpoint Origin of Early Stones at Stonehenge

A new study has found the exact origin for some of Stonehenge's oldest stones. The rocks, which may have been part of the inner ring and "horseshoe" portion of the ancient landmark, are now confirmed to have come from an outcropping of rocks in Wales called Craig Rhos-y-Felin in north Pembrokeshire -- some 160 miles from Stonehenge. While the research is a worthy discovery in its own right,it could give some clues about how the massive stone circle was constructed.

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Rice Krispyhenge

Brock Davis, a.k.a. Laser Bread, constructed this Stonehenge replica using Super Glue and Rice Krispies. (Brock Davis via TDW | available as a print)

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New Woodhenge Found Near Stonehenge, Another Woodhenge Identified in … Ohio?

Within only a few days of each other, two eerily similar discoveries were made in quite diferent parts of the world. Only 900 meters (roughly 2,900 feet) away from the original Stonehenge, scientists using radar detection have found that there is another henge, this one seemingly made of wood, still buried under the ground. And just days ago the Internet was flooded with news that scientists investigating a timber circle realized that it bore a very striking resemblance to England's Stonehenge's structure, except this timber circle is in Cincinnati, Ohio. Can we all just please agree that this is really weird?

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