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David Tennant and Stephen Colbert Play “Scrooge McDuck or Donald Trump,” And It’s Actually Pretty Difficult

David Tennant went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about the actor's many projects, from the new season of Doctor Who, the end of Broadchurch, and his upcoming role as Scrooge McDuck in Disney XD's DuckTales. There was, as with most things these days, a political undertone to each of these discussions.

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John Oliver & Stephen Colbert on Russia, Evolution of “Stupid Watergate”: “We’re Turbo-F***ed”

John Oliver, who's currently "working but without doing a show," went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about Russia, getting sued, and the Donald Trump Jr. incident.

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Stephen Colbert’s #AmericanGreatness Hashtag Is The Calming Antidote to Trump’s Twitter Storm

Stephen Colbert's #AmericanGreatness hashtag is surprisingly full of tributes to national parks, immigrants, public service, and acts of resistance.

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Colbert Is Right: Trump’s Behavior Is More Than Just a Symptom of Bad Politics

Yesterday, Donald Trump unleashed a vicious personal attack on Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski, but as much as it was nothing out of the ordinary for Trump, it's still important to recognize that it matters. That's because Trump's rise and the normalization of his behavior isn't just a symptom of what's wrong with politics—he's the driving force behind the problem.

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Stephen Colbert Debuts New Products to Compete With Goop’s Ridiculous Healing Stickers

The healing power of burning money.

Gwenyth Paltrow's lifestyle brand, Goop, depending on your level of gullibility, is known for hawking plenty of nonsense or some very valuable personal wellness products. It's a little-known fact that Stephen Colbert has his own lifestyle brand full of nonsense, Covetton House, which makes it the perfect competitor for Goop.

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Stephen Colbert Went to Russia and Perfected the Art of Trolling Trump

National hero Stephen Colbert temporarily defected to Russian late-night TV, and it was everything we dreamed Stephen Colbert in Russia could be.

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Things We Saw Today: Rick and Morty Get Their Own Version of Clue

Everyone who's anyone seems to get remade in the Clue image these days, and now it's Rick and Morty's turn.

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Judy Greer and Stephen Colbert Revisit Their Un-Aired 2002 Pilot

The two played siblings on the show and while Greer's never seen the final product Colbert got the VHS out of the vault and gave us a look at what might've been.

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If We Don’t See the 27 Star Wars Takes of Carrie Fisher Slapping Oscar Isaac, What Are We Even Doing?

Oscar Isaac recently went on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert for an interview that has everything you could ever want, including incredible anecdotes about Carrie Fisher, childhood movie clips, dad jokes, and geeking out about Shakespeare interpretations as the actor prepares for his debut as Hamlet.

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Stephen Colbert Declassifies Trump’s Latest Chaos as Watergate 2: Resign Harder

"Here's the dealio. When Kislyak and Lavrov were in the Oval Office last week, Trump apparently went off script and started describing details about an Islamic State terrorist threat. That's unbelievable! Trump has a script? I don't believe that for a minute. I need intel on that."

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Donald Trump Came for Stephen Colbert, and Wow Did He Miss

About a year ago, Stephen Colbert had some choice insults for—what? Oh, I'm hearing that was only last week, and news about FBI Director Comey's firing has rendered time meaningless—Donald Trump. He got a bit on the vulgar side, which got him into some trouble, but in trying to join the pile on, Donald Trump himself will probably not achieve the affect he desired.

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Things We Saw Today: Watch a Pikachu Get Dragged Off By Secret Government Agents (Sort Of)

I've never seen a Pikachu in this intense of a situation before, and I've seen them fight Onix! But here we have a Pikachu dancer whose costume begins to deflate and...well...I mean, I feel like this response is just a leeeetle bit overblown, wouldn't you say?

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Colbert #SorryNotSorry in Response to Hypocritical “Homophobia” Accusations From Trump Supporters

A couple of days ago, Stephen Colbert let loose on a series of Trump insults on the Late Show after Trump weakly insulted Face the Nation’s John Dickerson during an interview over the weekend. The results were damn near magical. However, Colbert felt the need to address it last night in light of a #FireColbert campaign and charges of homophobia.

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Stephen Colbert Has Lost All Patience for Trump’s Weak Insults to the Press

Over the weekend, Donald Trump gave a series of interviews and, as usual, they were all bizarre. From his musings of who knew the Presidency could be so hard? to who even knows why the Civil War happened? Sad!—I'm paraphrasing—there was a lot to take in (or block out).

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Watch Stephen Colbert Pretend to Mourn His “Papa Bear” Bill O’Reilly

Turns out that Bill O'Reilly's banishment from Fox News is such sweet sorrow for at least one person—fake Stephen Colbert, the assumed persona the comedian played for a decade on the Colbert Report. On The Late Show, Colbert gets to be himself, but last night he brought us a very special message from his conservative commentator character, who was inspired by O'Reilly.

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Stephen Colbert Mocks the Hell out of Alex Jones and His Alleged “Performance Art”

Stephen Colbert was born to play Alex Jones. The comedian, who spent ten years on The Colbert Report as a faux conservative commentator, nailed the hate-spewing far-Right provocateur to the wall in a sketch on The Late Show.

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Stephen Colbert Skewers Trump’s Environmental Order, With Help From Woodsy Owl

"I know clean coal sounds like an oxymoron, but so does President Trump."

Stephen Colbert continues to bring the comedic fire to The Late Show, and last night, he roasted Trump's executive order that rolls back President Obama's environmental protections. We often use hyperbole about Trump destroying the world but this time he's actively working to destroy the world. Luckily we have Stephen Colbert on our side.

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Stephen Colbert Brings Back “Stephen Colbert” to Explain Trump’s Budget as Only He Can

With a truth-averse narcissist in the White House, Stephen Colbert's conservative pundit character has never felt more accurate or relevant—and has never been more useful for understanding Republican politics. Of course, due to Very Reasonable Contractual Concerns, this is not the same conservative pundit Stephen Colbert from the Colbert Report. He has a different favorite sandwich!

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Patrick Stewart and Stephen Colbert in “Waiting for Godot’s Obamacare Replacement”

Samuel Beckett's never-before-seen masterpiece.

Patrick Stewart and Stephen Colbert team up on The Late Show for a sketch that ribs Beckett and skewers Trump's healthcare promises. And was that Star Trek reference?! *grabby hands*

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Things We Saw Today: Directors Damien Chazelle and Barry Jenkins Sharing the Cover of Variety

Variety has released its post-Oscar issue featuring both Best Director Oscar winner, Damien Chazelle, and the director of the Best Picture Oscar winner, Moonlight, Barry Jenkins.

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