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Things We Saw Today: Starz Is Making a Mini-Series About Catherine of Aragon

Starz is adapting another Tudor era show, Lando Calrissian will not be the focus of the next Star Wars Anthology movie, Gina Rodriguez finally comes to the 99, and A.I. are gonna teach you to see Asian actors in leading roles, damn it!

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Starz Cancels Ash vs. Evil Dead After Three Seasons

Well, this isn't very groovy

Buckle up, Boomsticks: next week's season three finale of Ash vs. Evil Dead will wrap up the series, as Starz has declined to pick up the horror comedy for a fourth season. Based on the cult classic films Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness by Sam Raimi, the series followed an older (but not wiser) Ash Williams as a resurgence of demon activity forces him out of retirement and back into bloody action.

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Because of Time’s Up and Me Too, Outlander May Finally Have to Deal With Its Rape Problem Next Season

Unlike many shows that have had repeated rape scenes, the Outlander show and book series have managed to come out unscathed, but that may change in the era of #MeToo.

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American Gods Finally Has a Season Two Showrunner, and They May Toss the Scripts That Fuller and Green Already Wrote

After losing showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, American Gods has found a new showrunner: Jesse Alexander, who previously served as a executive producer on shows like HannibalStar Trek: Discovery, and Lost

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Starz Is Trying to Get Bryan Fuller and Michael Green “Involved as Much as They Can Be” in American Gods Season Two

During the Starz appearance at the Television Critics Association (TCA), the network understandably received a number of questions about the future of American Gods.

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A John Wick TV Series Is Officially in Development, and Keanu Reeves Will Likely Appear in It

Starz is developing The Continental, a television series based on the world of John Wick that follows "the inner workings of the exclusive Continental Hotel which serves as a refuge for assassins." 

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Gillian Anderson Won’t Return to American Gods for Season Two

The gods are indeed cruel

Gillian Anderson revealed that, due to the departure of showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, she will not be returning to American Gods for Season Two.

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10 Books Like Outlander to Get You Through the Show’s Hiatus

Well, everyone, it's that time of year again: #Droughtlander is officially upon us.

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Outlander Introduces Slavery Into Its Narrative So Claire & Jamie Can Make Heart Eyes in Jamaica

The ways in which this episode of Outlander made me cringe and rage were varied and immense. From the "tropical drum beat" added to the opening song, to the fact that it's an episode filled with nameless black people, and that Claire ends up participating in slavery. Ugh, guys, you should have just stayed in Europe.

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Disney Taking Their Marvel Toys (From Netflix) and Going Home … Because Short-Sightedness

Disney, like CBS and DC Entertainment, is taking a huge gamble on the fact that we love their content so much that we'll be willing to pay for their separate streaming service, where their content will be available exclusively. When will these media companies learn that streaming services aren't their direct competition? The streaming services have already won.

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Why the Big Change to Bilquis’ Story Is the Best Part of Starz’s American Gods

Fans of American Gods have long disputed whether or not the popular novel would translate to a visual medium. The sexually graphic opening scene featuring the goddess Bilquis, in particular, would surely trip any censor, but her character's journey through the show—and how it differs from the source material—is one of its best assets.

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Let’s Talk About My New Favorite Episode of American Gods

A Prayer for Mad Sweeney was touching and delightful, and it struck a totally different tone than the episodes we've seen so far. I loved this week's American Gods, and you should, too.

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Watch Emily Browning Play a New Role on Mad Sweeney’s American Gods Episode

Emily Browning, who does an excellent job as "Dead Wife" Laura Moon, will be taking on an entirely different part in episode 7, "A Prayer for Mad Sweeney."

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Watch Gillian Anderson as David Bowie in American Gods, This Is Not a Drill

Literally everything I have ever wanted.

Because they love us, American Gods just broke up a humdrum week with the finest of gifts: an advance clip of my own personal goddess Gillian Anderson embodying my own personal idol, David Bowie. YOU GUYS.

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Bless You, Starz: American Gods Renewed for Season Two

Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone, byt STARZ has renewed American Gods for a second season.

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It’s Time to Talk About the Second Episode of American Gods

Last night was American Gods' second episode, "The Secret of Spoons," and we met a lot of crucial players. We were introduced to Mr. Nancy in TV's most fiery scene, saw Gillian Anderson in her fab debut as Media, and learned about Slavic mythology when we feast with the Zorya sisters and of course, Czernobog.

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The Best TV I’ve Ever Seen Is This Scene From Next Week’s American Gods


The introduction of Orlando Jones' Mr. Nancy is the most scorching and brilliantly rendered media I've seen as a TV viewer. Now I know I was hardly alone in my evaluation, because Starz has released a clip before the May 7th episode. Watch it here.

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We Need to Talk About the First Episode of American Gods

Rejoice, o TV watchers, for the American Gods debut has descended upon the people. I've been waiting a month to talk to you all about the show, so let's do this.

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This Outlander Teaser Is Pretty Brutal For Jamie/Claire Shippers

If you're a fan of the Jamie and Claire ship, you might find this new Outlander teaser pretty tough to get through.

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New Clips from American Gods Show How Beautiful and Weird It Will Be

Hello and happy weekend, my American Gods friends! I know many of you are as psyched as I am for this show, and Starz just saved us from the doldrums of Friday afternoon with two delicious extended clips.

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