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Symbrock May Help Keep Spider-Man Rights in Sony’s Hands

With the power of Tom Hardy's hotness, Venom is an official box office success, but what will that mean for Spider-Man's future between Sony and Marvel/Disney?

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This Clever Infinity War-Inspired Spider-Man Halloween Decoration Is TOO SOON

Kids (from one to 92) may love dressing up as superheroes for Halloween, but with a few exceptions, they're not generally the most morbid fodder for the season. Avengers: Infinity War changed that in a big way, though, and this clever Spider-Man lawn decoration has inspired both respect and ugly crying in us.

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Things We Saw Today: We’re Confused and Fascinated by Reports of an Eddie Brock/Venom Makeout Session

Yesterday, the first impressions and reviews of Sony's Venom movie hit the internet, and there was a lot to take in—mainly, that the movie is more bad-good than good-good, if it's any good at all—but at the end of the day, we were mostly left with on big, strange, lingering question: Do Eddie Brock (and, by extension, Tom Hardy), and Venom make out?

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Why Tom Holland Is the Best Movie Spider-Man

Spider-Man has had quite the journey before ending up with Tom Holland.

Here's the thing about superheroes: Many of them are moody and unpredictable. They're dark because they have to save the world, and it weighs heavily on them, but with Peter Parker, he's just a kid. For someone who was just a kid myself when the first Spider-Man movie came out, I grew up longing to see a Peter Parker that wasn't an adult man pretending to be in high school, and then college.

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Venom Will Be Rated PG-13, Making Us Ask Again—Who Is This Movie For?

Despite all its posturing and attempts to seem badass and hardcore, Venom has fallen into the trap of wanting to be part of a larger cinematic universe and is going to be rated PG-13 instead of R.

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Marvel Removes “Hidden Controversial” Message Critical of Mormonism From Spider-Man Comic

In the recent Amazing Spider-Man #4 comic, a panel by artist Ryan Ottley was found to contain a reference to a book that questions Mormon doctrine. Marvel is scrubbing the art, with the official statement that they do not allow for hidden messages in their artwork.

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Venom Might Get PG-13 Rating, Cross Over With Spider-Man

There's got to be a good joke about that "turd on the wind" line somewhere...

Despite director Ruben Fleischer's assurance at SDCC that he was pushing for an R rating for his upcoming anti-superhero film Venom, Sony might have some different plans. IndieWire is reporting that sources close the studio have leaked to Variety that they might be seeking a PG-13 rating for the film, in order to leave the door open to a possible cross-over with Spider-Man one day.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Trailer Is the Incredibly Fun Spider-Man We Need Right Now

While Sony's still floundering to get a Spider-Man extended universe going in live action (hi, Venom!) after a massive false start with Amazing Spider-Man 2's attempted "Sinister Six" setup, they seem to be well on their way in the animation department. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is set to finally bring Miles Morales to the big screen, following his entry into Marvel's main comics universe, and that looks like just the Spider-Man we need right now.

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Is Jake Gyllenhaal About to Join Spider-Man as a Villain?

A source says Jake Gyllenhaal will be the villain in the next Spider-Man movie.

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Turns out Tom Holland Is Responsible for All My Post-Infinity War Feelings

Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War inside.

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Jason Reynolds Says He Wrote Miles Morales So “Kids Who Look Like Me…Can Be Superheroes Too”

" I think that kids who look like me and who live in neighborhoods like I grew up in deserve to know that they also can be super. We're seeing it with Black Panther right? They need to know that they can be superheroes too."

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This Fake Trailer of Dylan O’Brien as Spider-Man Has Been Watched 6 Million Times

A "teaser trailer" for a SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN movie starring Dylan O'Brien has racked up a jaw-dropping number of hits. The only problem: the movie is not real.

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Spider-Man Dancing to “Take on Me” Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Unless you have Black Panther tickets.

There are so many great things about this video of a YouTuber, dressed as Spider-Man, dancing to a-ha's 1985 hit "Take on Me." I don't know if it's because the song is from right in the middle of the heyday of John Hughes movies, and Spider-Man: Homecoming was basically pitched to the public as John Hughes meets Spider-Man, or if it's because the original "Take on Me" music video prominently featured comic books, or possibly both, but this just feels too perfect.

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Let’s Talk About the New Avengers: Infinity War TV Spot Now That I’ve Watched It 500 Times

The Super Bowl gave us eagles fighting patriots like a dystopian vision of the America we're headed towards, but it also gave us so much more: actual new glimpses of Infinity War—life-giving trickles of superhero-infused water in our vast desert of what we actually know about Infinity War.

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Miles Morales Is Ready for His Big-Screen Debut in the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Trailer

Sony Animation has dropped the teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, an animated movie starring Miles Morales that will hit theaters in December 2018.

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Fandom Is in a Glorious Meltdown Over the Infinity War Trailer

While many people on planet Earth were psyched to see the official Avengers: Infinity War trailer go up, for a segment of the population with a deep emotional attachment to these characters and their world, today has been like Christmas morning mixed with Ragnarok.

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Honest Trailer For Spider-Man: Homecoming Proves Honest Trailers Doesn’t Need Their Disgraced Creator

We've long been fans of the hilarious Honest Trailers, so it was hard to know what would happen to the series when its co-founder, Andy Signore, was fired in early October over multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault. But Honest Trailers is doing just fine without Signore.

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“How Spider-Man: Homecoming Should Have Ended” Delightfully Fixes the Movie’s Flaws

“You gave a teenager a weaponized super-suit. Am I the only one who thinks this is weird?” —Superman The folks over at How It Should Have Ended finally set their sites on this summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, a fun movie that I think we can agree also had its share of flaws. “After you guys submitted over 30 […]

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Things We Saw Today: A Fake “Antifa” Twitter Account Forgot to Disable Its Russian Geotag

Russia's Internet propaganda war on the U.S. is continuing apace.

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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Delights Hurricane Harvey Victims

The news has been really bad this week—no, even worse than usual—so let's take a minute to focus on the bright spots. Though flooding from Hurricane Harvey has driven tons of people from their homes, caused tragic deaths, and is still creating new problems even as the storm moves inland and subsides, people have also shown an outpouring of support, including a very familiar wall-crawler.

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