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Weekend Update’s Bro-Tastic Michael Che and Colin Jost to Host 2018 Emmys

NBC's finger is again nowhere near the pulse.

NBC announced that Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update co-anchors Michael Che and Colin Jost will be hosting The Emmys this September. The show will be produced by Lorne Michaels and feature appearances by various SNL cast members. In a statement from NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt, "NBC is thrilled to be the home of this year's Emmy Awards, and with Colin and Michael in the driver's seat as hosts, along with surprise appearances by other cast members of SNL."

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Dear Michael Che, As a Black Woman, STFU

Neither your blackness, nor your profession justifies transphobia and the fact that you would use either as a defense for your jokes instead of just taking the L and moving on is a sign of your lack of willingness to understand the issue.

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SNL Has Some Questions About the Star Wars School System

"Man, how do you all speak so many languages?"

In a cut-for-time sketch from last night's episode, Saturday Night Live asked a crucial Star Wars question: How do these people speak so many damn languages?

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Natalie Portman Defends the Star Wars Prequels in Foul-Mouthed SNL Rap

Twelve years after her first foul-mouthed Saturday Night Live rap, Natalie Portman returned to host with another equally explicit sketch. This time around, however, she appeared in full Queen Amidala makeup to defend the prequels.

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Saturday Night Live Tackles #TimesUp and the Conversation Around Aziz Ansari

In three sketches last night, Saturday Night Live took on the ongoing sexual harassment and assault allegations against high-profile men, as well as our fraught national conversation about the allegations against Aziz Ansari.

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Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush Returns to SNL to Remind Us That, Trump or No Trump, He Was a Godawful President

Will Ferrell revived his George W. Bush impression on last night's Saturday Night Live to remind everyone that no matter how awful Donald Trump seems, Dubya was still a TERRIBLE president.

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SNL‘s “What Even Matters Anymore” Is a Crushingly Real Game Show About Trump’s Scandals

Last night, Jessica Chastain hosted Saturday Night Live, and they confronted the endless, seemingly consequence-free scandals of the Trump presidency with a shockingly bleak game show skit, "What Even Matters Anymore."

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SNL Explains Why Oprah Would Run for President: “I Need to Get White Women Back on Track”

As part of last night's "Weekend Update" on Saturday Night Live, Leslie Jones appeared as Oprah Winfrey to discuss her potential presidential run.

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Someone Modded Matt the Radar Technician Into Star Wars: Battlefront II

Now that Star Wars: Battlefront II has given players the ability to mod characters, one blessed internet genius has created a skin which transforms Kylo Ren into his alter ego/disguise, Matt the Radar Technician.

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What the Hell Was SNL Thinking With This “Sexual Harassment Charlie” Skit?

Last night's "Sexual Harassment Charlie" skit eschewed the "mock predators" approach of most other jokes and went straight for super-reactionary.

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Hillary Clinton Has the Last Laugh in SNL Christmas Carol Parody

The real Donald Trump was certainly haunted over the weekend by the most recent developments in the investigation into Russia's influence in the 2016 election, including Michael "Lock Her Up" Flynn's guilty plea and his own self-incriminating tweet. On SNL, he was haunted a bit more literally in A Christmas Carol fashion, which is all too fitting as he continues his quest to shift money from the poor to the rich through the tax code like a bizarro-universe Robin Hood.

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With “Welcome to Hell,” SNL Introduces Everyone to the Misogynist Hellscape That Women Live In

Last night, Saoirse Ronan hosted Saturday Night Live, and one of the sketches tackled the landslide of sexual harassment scandals in politics, media, and tech.

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Things We Saw Today: Batman Hears the Hard Truth About His Messed-Up Crime-Fighting Priorities

In this SNL skit, Bruce Wayne is holding his annual food drive when he hears some honest feedback about Batman's obsession with brutalizing low-level criminals.

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With “Come Back, Barack”, SNL Sings What We’re All Thinking After 10 Months of Trump

Last night, Saturday Night Live gave us a pitch-perfect parody of '90s R&B ballads, "Come Back, Barack," that also painted a way-too-real picture of our Trump-induced despair.

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Tiffany Haddish Has A Simple Litmus Test for Men Confused About Sexual Misconduct

Tiffany Haddish became the first black female stand-up comic to host Saturday Night Live last night. Since the show began, only 1.5% of SNL hosts have been black women.

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Kate McKinnon Tempts Anderson Cooper As “Kellywise the Dancing Clown” on SNL

"Put me on TV...I'll give you a crazy, crazy quote."

Kate McKinnon was back in all her glory on SNL as Kellywise the Dancing Clown, an It-inspired parody of Kellyanne Conway's toxically symbiotic relationship with left-wing media.

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Things We Saw Today: Gal Gadot, as Wonder Woman, Makes out With Kate McKinnon on SNL

This is a situation many of us have dreamed about, and now it exists in sketch form.

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SNL Weekend Update Rips Trump for Failing “Anyone Darker Than Your Golf Pants”

Saturday Night Live returned with new episodes last night, and the sketches included both a second "Close Encounters" alien abduction sketch with Kate McKinnon, and Weekend Update which ripped Trump for his response to Puerto Rico.

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How? How Is This David S. Pumpkins Animated Special a Real Thing?


The star of last year's inexplicable breakout hit "Haunted Elevator" Saturday Night Live sketch, David S. Pumpkins, is getting a half-hour animated special. No, I cannot explain why.

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Westworld, Melissa McCarthy’s “Spicey,” and More Winners From Night 2 of the Creative Arts Emmys

Last night, Melissa McCarthy of "Spicey" fame was honored for her SNL appearance, Stranger Things and Westworld each took home five awards, and the Obamas won an Emmy for The People’s House – Inside The White House, with Barack and Michelle Obama.

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