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Screw Your Misogyny, The Selfie Is a Scientific Miracle

SciShow posted an explainer about how smartphone digital cameras work, showing that it's easy to forget how much impressive technology powers a selfie.

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WikiLeaks Has “Revealed” the Obvious Fact That a Hacked Phone Makes Encrypted Messaging Pointless

Did they also find secret NASA data revealing the sky is blue?

If WikiLeaks has done one thing very well recently, it's been highlighting the problems with a glut of information but a shortage of context. Most recently, they've released data on the CIA's cyber surveillance abilities, and in the process they've stirred up fears that secure data transmission isn't actually secure.

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Pokémon GO, iPhones, and Stranger Things Top 2016’s Google Searches

We're nearing the end of 2016 (good riddance), and that means that everyone who collects extensive, more-than-a-little-creepy data about our habits is putting together their year-end lists. While social media may be huge, Google is still a force to be reckoned with in terms of how users experience the Internet, and a few things dominated the site's search results this year.

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Samsung Lights the Funeral Pyre for the Galaxy Note 7. It’s Officially Discontinued, Folks

Rest in peace, Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It's been real! Real dangerous, that is.

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Google Just Announced the Pixel, a $650 Smartphone That Aims to Topple the iPhone At Last

Google isn't a new player in the smartphone game. But now, they're putting the Nexus in the rearview and launching a brand new smartphone called the Pixel.

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Pokémon GO Players Already Finding Ways Around Jailbreaking Ban, Others Looking for Refunds

We just want to walk our Pokémon!

Pokémon GO's latest update—which already faced more than its share of ire after Niantic tweeted that it was coming on Saturday and then took several days to finally release—had a strict new anti-cheating measure: "jailbroken" and "rooted" devices, smartphones with their software cracked for additional customization, are no longer allowed. The point of the update was to stop cheaters from faking their GPS location, but it's left a lot of perfectly innocent users looking for a solution.

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Everything You Need to Know About Today’s iPhone 7 Announcement

Today, Apple is holding an event to announce the iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus), which has been the object of speculation—and leaked details—for some time. While some changes with the new model are all but known, plenty of it is still a mystery, so here's a helpful guide to prep yourself for the announcement.

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Samsung Recalling Millions of Galaxy Note 7 Phones Because of Batteries Catching Fire

Only a few reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones have come in so far since the device's release on August 19, but the preferred number of exploding phones is zero. Samsung would rather be safe than sorry, so they've put out a global recall of the Note 7, which accounts for millions of devices worldwide.

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Bar Blocks Phone Signals so Customers Have to … What, Talk to Other Humans?


The smartphone has become an extension of the modern human being. We've even been known to have separation anxiety when we're apart from our phones, to the point where just having them—not even using them—makes us feel better. That's lucky for the UK's Gin Tub, a bar that hasn't banned phones themselves but has managed to block their use.

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Twitter Gets a “Night Mode” for Those Times When You’re on Your Phone & Should Be Asleep

You probably shouldn't be looking at your phone when you're lying in bed at night, and even if you are looking at your phone, you definitely shouldn't be looking at Twitter. But, if you must look at Twitter, you may as well save your eyesight by using the new "night mode" setting, now available for Androids.

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Edward Snowden Is Working on Phone Case That Will Alert You If You’re Being Spied On

Please call it "The Whistleblower." Please.

For the paranoid, there's already some tech out there that will allow you to completely shut off your phone from the outside world and go off the grid, but you're going to have to go back on eventually—otherwise why do you have a phone, you maniac? That's why Edward Snowden is working on a phone case that will warn you if your phone is colluding with the enemy/the government/anyone.

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Smartphones for Women Are Apparently Smaller, Pinker, and More Hexagonal

The Keecoo K1 is a smartphone made for women. I'm not just extrapolating that based on the pink hues, the gem-shaped case, or the makeup surrounding the phones in this advertisement. I'm basing it on the actual about page for the phone, which explicitly says that the phone is "for women."

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Facebook Messenger Turning Into Snapchat With Self-Destroying Message Feature

This message will self-destruct in five seconds.

Like all the various social media platforms out there, our favorite chat platforms are trying to figure out what makes their competitors popular and emulate those features to an extent. While Snapchat recently introduced "Memories," a way of saving snaps and stories, Facebook Messenger will not be outdone and is testing self-destroying messages with a timer just like Snapchat.

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Apple’s Next iPhone Might Finally Be Ditching the 16GB Storage Option

Just in time for 32GB not to seem like enough!

As someone who owns a 16GB iPhone 6, it definitely feels like a storage size from a bygone era. Though it's enough for me, it's far from plenty, even though my app, music, and video habits are hardly demanding in terms of storage space. For many people 16GB isn't enough at all, which forces them to pay significantly more to stick with iPhones—but that may all change with Apple's next model.

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Smartphone Games—and Possible Hardware—a Big Topic in Nintendo’s Shareholder Meeting

Nintendo's Miitomo may have experienced some troubling user drop-off following its initial debut, but the iconic gaming company is just getting warmed up when it comes to mobile games. In the near term, they've got Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing on the way to smartphones, but in the long run, they're looking into all kinds of options, up to and including their very own smartphone controller.

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Analysis Reveals 10 Million Android Devices Worldwide Are Infected With “HummingBad” Malware

Google's Android operating system has the largest market share of smartphones by far, and that makes it a prime target for malware. Smartphones tend to give the appearance of a more closed-off, protected device than a desktop computer, which can give a sense of security to users—so naturally, a whole bunch of them have malware on their devices.

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KFC’s Weird Streak Continues: This Box of Fried Chicken Has a USB Port

KFCs in India have put out the "Watt a Box," which is a box of chicken that powers up your smartphone.

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AMC Theatres Already Abandoning the Terrible Idea of Letting People Text in Movies

We will not be silenced! Except, like, in movie theaters.

Just yesterday, we got word of an interview in which AMC Theatres' new CEO, Adam Aron—in a fantastic display of trying not to judge the youths on their cell phone use while simultaneously insinuating they can't live for two hours without them—said that the key to getting millennials into movie theaters was allowing them to use their phones during movies. Then, we all had post-apocalyptic movie theater hellscape nightmares, and AMC realized that maybe wasn't the best idea.

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Texting, Smartphone Use May Soon Be Allowed in AMC Movie Theaters

That's it. I'm ready for the Sunset Squad robot now.

AMC, the biggest movie theater chain in the United States, has a new CEO in Adam Aron, and he's up for some changes to the moviegoing experience. Granted, there are plenty of things that could be improved about theaters, but "allowing texting in theaters" isn't one of them—despite his willingness to try it. This is it. This is the hill my youth dies on. I guess I'm glad it's a movie theater-shaped hill, anyway.

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MIT Has Created an Incredibly Accurate Indoor Positioning System Using WiFi

What could go wrong?

Wi-Fi has more uses than just sending your tweets and reaction GIFs out to the Internet. It's also useful for position tracking systems, but most of the ones you're familiar with don't hold up so well when it comes to pinpoint accuracy. That could change with a technology from MIT that uses Wi-Fi signals to detect the exact position of the devices sending them.

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