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Facebook Messenger Turning Into Snapchat With Self-Destroying Message Feature

This message will self-destruct in five seconds.

Like all the various social media platforms out there, our favorite chat platforms are trying to figure out what makes their competitors popular and emulate those features to an extent. While Snapchat recently introduced "Memories," a way of saving snaps and stories, Facebook Messenger will not be outdone and is testing self-destroying messages with a timer just like Snapchat.

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Nintendo Mobile App Miitomo to Release on Thursday With New Rewards Program

Nintendo's opening the flood gates on mobile apps starting with Miitomo. The social game starring Miis has already launched in Japan, and now the company has announced that it'll arrive on iOS and Android devices in North America (and Europe) on March 31.

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Nintendo Finally Details Its Mobile Game Release Plans and My Nintendo Service

Yes, Nintendo, the unchallenged titan of portable gaming for that market's entire lifespan, is finally making the leap into games for mobile devices. The company has been quiet about plans for its mobile offerings so far, but they're finally ready to let us know what to expect from the first one, Miitomo.

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Reelgood App Creates the Ultimate, Multi-Platform Streaming Watchlist so You Can Actually Chill

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's real good.

Available today—right now—on the App Store, Reelgood will save you all those endless hours debating what you actually want to watch on all the instant platforms you now have available. Now you'll have to actively decide to go aimlessly searching through Netflix for movie descriptions to mock.

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Maybe the Rumblr Find-a-Fistfight App Will Help Accelerate Natural Selection?

We can dream.

This is (purportedly) not a joke. There is really (maybe) an app in the works for finding a nearby fistfight. Hopefully, it's a sneaky ploy to get a bunch of tough guy/gal morons to pair off and eliminate each other for the rest of us. Yeah, let's go with that.

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Surprise! Most Skin Cancer-Detecting Apps Don’t Actually Detect Cancer

Smartphone apps are great at a lot of things. They can make our pictures look terrible "artistic", they can keep us connected to friends, they can even set us up on random blind dates with strangers we know nothing about, but it turns out they're not great at identifying skin cancer -- at least not most of them. A new study shows that smartphone apps designed to identify cancerous lesions misdiagnose them more than half the time. Good news, dermatologists! You haven't been replace by robots yet!

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$2 Smartphone Diagnosis and Liquid-Lens Glasses Could Bring Perfect Vision to Everyone

When you think of Third World problems, you general think of lack of food, lack of shelter, lack of clean water supplies, and things like that. While these are some of the more prominent issues, there are also many, many more you probably wouldn't think of, like lack of access to corrective lenses, for example. Over one billion people in Third World countries are getting by with eyesight that is anywhere from "pretty bad" to "totally abysmal" because they lack access to optometrists, diagnostic equipment, and lenses. There may be a solution on the horizon however: $2 smartphone-operated diagnostic scopes in conjunction with liquid-lens glasses that can make themselves.

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Your Car Can Be Hacked via SMS

Scary fact of the day: Your car can get hacked. Not with an axe or something, but via SMS. Security researchers Don Bailey and Mathew Solnik at iSec Partners (lucky for all of us that this isn't a different [x]Sec) have figured out a way to hack cars with SMS by essentially sneaking into the series of communications that allow smartphone apps to unlock car doors or even start the engines. Apparently, it isn't even that hard. The pair have reported that they were able to figure out how to intercept the messages that come from a car-starter mobile app and then spoof them with a laptop in about 2 hours time. Bailey is scheduled to talk about his findings at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, and luckily for car owners and car companies, he's a nice enough guy not to mention the pair of products they hacked or any technical details about the process until the software makers can patch up these insecurities.

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