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Reelgood App Creates the Ultimate, Multi-Platform Streaming Watchlist so You Can Actually Chill

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's real good.

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Available today—right now—on the App Store, Reelgood will save you all those endless hours debating what you actually want to watch on all the instant platforms you now have available. Now you’ll have to actively decide to go aimlessly searching through Netflix for movie descriptions to mock.

But the tradeoff is worth it. Reelgood pools from over ten streaming services to allow you to create the ultimate watchlist. Not only that, but when your friends also use it, the app will tell you where your lists overlap to give your unwieldy, meandering movie nights untold levels of machine-like efficiency—like the Terminator, only with less murder and more time for movies.


For instance, Lisa Brown and I both want to watch these, and they’re both on services we already pay for, and now we know that.

Even better, you can turn individual platforms on and off on the fly, so you can create your list to cast the widest possible net, and then if you’re only looking for things that are free to watch at the time, just take what’s available on, say, iTunes out of the mix, and you’re good to go. It’s pretty intuitive and versatile, and it also includes what’s in theaters and upcoming releases to cover all of your movie night bases.


On top of all that, the app is free, so you’ve got no reason not to give it a try—unless you’re on Android, in which case you can’t until 2016.

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