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Plucked Directly From Your Dreams, Here’s Soda Shaq, Shaq’s New Line of Soft Drinks

Do you dare to drink a soda with Shaq's face on it? If so, there are now four flavors for you to choose from.

It probably won't surprise regular readers to learn that we're not huge sports fans here at Geekosystem -- I mean, I am, but I'm barely bringing the average up -- so for us to write with any regularity about a sports icon, that person has to be a) good enough at sports that pretty much everyone on the planet knows their name and b) ludicrously entertaining in all other aspects of his or her life. By this metric, Shaquille O'Neal is the perfect sports star for our site, a fact confirmed by yesterday's announcement that Shaq will be lending his name -- and more importantly, his face -- to a line of cream sodas from Arizona.

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Shaq Registers “Shaqfighter” Trademark for Potential New Game, World Immediately a Little Better

Like so many of you, I've lost count of the nights I've found myself sleepless, lost in thought, wondering if the universe will ever see fit to grace our small, grey lives with a follow-up to Shaq-Fu. Well, that which we didn't dare dream has come to pass, brothers and sisters. Shaquille O'Neal's media company, Mine O'Mine, has registered the trademark for a little something called "Shaqfighter." Let us give thanks.

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Ridiculous Shaq Desktop Theme

We felt your Wednesday would go better if it started off with a laugh, especially if you become inspired to set your computer up to feature Shaquille O'Neal in almost every possible way. From his big smiling face on a white backdrop for the wallpaper, to little smiling faces for desktop icons, to more little smiling faces for Start Menu icons, and almost everything else in between, Shaq won't do anything but brighten your day. Check out a larger version below.

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This Video Does Not Need Any More Gary Busey

Vitamin Water has launched a new ad campaign starring Gary Busey as a fantasy football lawyer. Technically, he’s a crazy fantasy football lawyer, but I figured you knew that “crazy” was a prerequisite to anything Gary Busey does.

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