Shaq Registers “Shaqfighter” Trademark for Potential New Game, World Immediately a Little Better

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Like so many of you, I’ve lost count of the nights I’ve found myself sleepless, lost in thought, wondering if the universe will ever see fit to grace our small, grey lives with a follow-up to Shaq-Fu. Well, that which we didn’t dare dream has come to pass, brothers and sisters. Shaquille O’Neal’s media company, Mine O’Mine, has registered the trademark for a little something called “Shaqfighter.” Let us give thanks.

Not to be outdone by Barkley, Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden 2, Shaqfighter looks like it could be the long-awaited spiritual successor to Shaq-Fu, one of the most singularly terrible games of the ’90s. For those of you too young to remember, Shaq-Fu was a fighting game in which Shaq gets pulled into another dimension and has to save the world by fighting evil mummies and zombies and also a cyborg using the combined power of martial arts, basketball, and being Shaq. It is rather famously exactly as good as it sounds. Here’s a taste for the uninitiated:

Yet despite being really astonishingly terrible, Shaq Fu remains fondly remembered in certain circles (okay, probably just by me) where folks have been clamoring for a modern update of the game for years (again, this is probably just me).

While it has yet to be seen if Shaqfighter will mark the return of Shaq Fu — not to be confused with Shaq’s sophomore rap album Shaq Fu: Da Return — we do know from the filing that the Shaqfighter trademark pertains to a video game, and we’re willing to wager it’s not a puzzle game. You know, because of the word “fighter” in the title.

For now, the names sound similar enough that we’re going to err on the side of being unreasonably excited for this news until it’s demonstrated that we should feel otherwise. At that point: Crying. Soooo much crying.

(via The Escapist)

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