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Batman Got His Ass Kicked, And It Was Fantastic: 21 Thoughts On The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan's epic Batman trilogy is officially in the books. All in all, it took us nine years, $585 million in total budget, and hundreds of thousands of man-hours to get here. Which, naturally, means it's time to make judgmental, pithy comments about it. Oh, The Internet.

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The Walking Dead Is The Worst Show Ever That I Can’t Stop Watching

Every Sunday night at 9:00 PM I turn on AMC. From 9:01 PM to 9:03 PM, I watch the opening scene of The Walking Dead. It's usually fantastic. The producers know they have a tight window in which to film a scene and start the opening credits. The producers also know that they have to hook you at this point, so they give you what you came for: Zombies. Brains. People in cars stabbing zombies in the eye with screwdrivers because zombies want their brains.

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This Video Does Not Need Any More Gary Busey

Vitamin Water has launched a new ad campaign starring Gary Busey as a fantasy football lawyer. Technically, he’s a crazy fantasy football lawyer, but I figured you knew that “crazy” was a prerequisite to anything Gary Busey does.

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A New Way To Geek Out Over March Madness

The NCAA men's basketball tournament is already kind of geeky. In much the same way that fantasy football affords football fans the ability to pour over quarterback ratings and yards after catch, March Madness is a joyous time for college basketball fans to nerd out over a team's quality wins and RPI.

In preparation for this year's tournament, the NCAA, in collaboration with Thought Equity Motion, has unleashed NCAA Vault on an unsuspecting population of procrastinating office workers and college students. According to Playbook, the service "contains full, commercial-free footage of 150 tournament games from the past decade — every Sweet 16 game on to the championship from 2000 through last year."

But that's not the coolest part:

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