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The Secret Service Wants to Buy a Sarcasm Detector, We Bet That Will Work out Sooo Well

It's a good thing it doesn't exist yet, because the response to this news would have overloaded it.

The Secret Service does not approve of the Internet's secret sarcasm. Come on, you guys. Don't you know that the Internet is most useful for spreading information quickly in an emergency and definitely not for snickering trolls and reaction GIFs? That's why they're looking to purchase software designed to detect sarcastic tweets.

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Some Aaron Swartz Secret Service Documents Released

Good. Now release the other 14,396 pages.

The first of 104 pages of Secret Service documents on the Aaron Swartz case have been released through a Freedom of Information Act request. Despite requests by both MIT and JSTOR to review any documents before they are released, these 104 pages have been made public without any such review.

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Today in Geek History: Secret Service Raids Steve Jackson Games

You probably figured our Today In Geek History series would cover only science events. You figured wrong! The gaming world has a colorful history, too. For example, on this day in 1990, armed Secret Service agents raided the Austin, Texas offices of Steve Jackson Games, the game company that published GURPS (Generic Universal RolePlaying System) but is perhaps best known in the community for the card game Munchkin. So why the raid? They were looking for a hacker. Sound familiar?

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Alabama Geometry Teacher Uses Obama Assassination to Teach Students about Angles

This is not an Onion headline: a geometry teacher in Alabama taught his students about parallel lines and angles using the charming example of assassinating President Obama.

The geometry teacher, who has not been named, was investigated by the Secret Service after word of his lesson got out, but the superintendent at the school where the teacher works, Corner High School, says that while the Obama assassination example showed "extremely poor judgment" on the teacher's part, there are no plans to fire him.

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