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A Short Documentary of Late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s Career/Genius

Please understand.

Recently-passed Nintendo President Satoru Iwata meant a lot to the gaming community, and that's not without good reason. Aside from being the friendly face of the House of Mario since just after the debut of the GameCube, Iwata was himself an incredible programmer and game developer responsible for many Nintendo staples.

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We’ll Miss You, Satoru Iwata. Nintendo Won’t Be the Same Without You.

No. I won't understand.

The idea of Nintendo without president and CEO Satoru Iwata is ... well, bananas.

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Nintendo’s Mobile Game Plans Are Literally the Opposite of a Good Idea

They're going full Wario.

No, Nintendo. Putting mobile games alongside your old games on your hardware is not the same as putting your old games on mobile hardware alongside mobile games.

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Possible Flexible Price Structure, Other New Things Teased in Nintendo Investor Briefing

Buy more; pay less? Yes, please.

There have been a lot of rumblings about Nintendo in the press lately, but last night's investor briefing finally brought everyone some rumblings from Nintendo, and it was pretty good news. They laid out their plans for the coming year, and while they're stuck with the Wii U for now, they've got a few solid ideas for how to turn things around.

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The Wii U Is Flopping, So What Can Nintendo Do to Get Me to Buy One?

It starts with an "S" and ends with "mash Brothers had better be great."

News that Nintendo's Wii U is flopping is all over the place, and company President Satoru Iwata is scrambling to apologize to investors. While reports that this is the start of a death spiral for the company are silly, it's equally silly to ignore that Nintendo is clearly on the wrong path with the Wii U, so what can they do about it?

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Here’s What We Learned in This Morning’s Nintendo Direct

I don't object to these announcements.

Nintendo held one of their regular Nintendo Direct presentations, where they inform the public about what games they have in development. Today's was short notice, only being announced yesterday afternoon. But here it is, with plenty of game talk to keep you salivating. So here's your rundown of everything that CEO Satoru Iwata discussed today.

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Nintendo President Shoots Down Wii U Price Drop Rumors

Yesterday we learned that Nintendo cut their sales projections for the Wii U by 1.5 million units, because it was not performing as well as expected. Rumors began to fly that this meant Nintendo would lower the price of the Wii U to sell more systems, because president Satoru Iwata addressed those rumors and said that the company has no such plans.

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Watch All of Nintendo’s Pre-E3 WiiU Announcement Right Here

Coming to you from the seventh floor of Nintendo's Kyoto HQ is president Satoru Iwata and a pre-E3 presentation on the forthcoming Wii U. In an interesting move, Nintendo has released a 30 minute video about the controversial console's online elements and the control scheme for the new device. Prominently featured is the newly named Wii U GamePad with its enormous touchscreen and a very Xbox-like Pro Controller, and a somewhat bewildering look at what Nintendo thinks gaming on the Wi iU will be like.

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Nintendo Announces (a Real) Online Gaming Network

At an investor meeting, Nintendo President and Satoru Iwata made the announcement that Nintendo will be working on an online gaming network for their Nintendo 3DS and forthcoming Wii U systems. For those not exactly aware, Nintendo's current "online network" (quotation marks entirely necessary), the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, is something short of a fully functional online gaming network like Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network. Don't take it from this jaded former Nintendo fan, take it from Nintendo's President himself, who said the new network will be "Unlike Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which has been focused upon specific functionalities and concepts."

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Nintendo’s Long Legacy of Stubbornness

With the release of a third generation Wii Remote containing features that should've been in the controller the first or second time around, Nintendo continues a longstanding company tradition that many fans may not associate with the famed developer: Being stubborn. From gamers to non-gamers, "Nintendo" is a household name across the world. Just about everyone can at least identify Mario if given a picture of a fat dude with a big mustache in red overalls. The venerable brand has a storied history full of wonderful ups and terrible downs. Nintendo has left many a legacy, from the success of portable gaming, popularizing the analog stick and force feedback controllers, and even bringing gaming to a much wider audience. But Nintendo is very, very stubborn.

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The Original Design Sketches for Pac-Man

The iconic classic game designs that we take for granted and seem simple to us today were often the product of tremendous amounts of thought. If you haven't read Nintendo design legend Shigeru Miyamoto's amazing interviews with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata on, you really should; in this one, he talks about how painstakingly the first level of Super Mario Bros. was engineered to teach the player that mushrooms were good and not bad.

In this vein, Dutch gaming magazine Control has published some neat early sketches of Pac-Man as it was designed by Toru Iwatani. Again, the amount of craft in the graph paper sketches -- really love the football diagram-like arrows depicting the ghosts in motion -- is truly impressive. Note the lack of teleportation gaps from one end of the screen to the other. It's also neat to see the honing involved in determining the precise proportions of our favorite pizza-shaped pill gobbler.

Full pics below:

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3DS Will Be Sold at a Profit from Day One

In spite of the potentially pricey glasses-free 3D screen from which Nintendo's 3DS takes its name, Nintendo's president and CEO, Satoru Iwata, recently revealed that the company expects to sell the handheld console at a profit from Day One.

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Nintendo’s Response to the Playstation Move: Unfazed

This week, after months of anticipation, Sony revealed its new motion sensitive controller, the Move, at the Game Developer's Conference. the Move walks a path already trodden by Nintendo's Wiimote, the primary controller for the Wii, and so, one might ask, how does Nintendo feel about this long awaited foray into their territory?

Predictably, they're pretty calm about it. Motion sensitivity has been the Wii's claim to fame, while other consoles have focused on HD graphics and processing power, but now Sony is rolling out the Move, and Microsoft is hard at work on its own motion sensing Project Natal. Kotaku asked Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, if this might mean that Nintendo should be looking to move into HD.

"For us high definition by itself is not the next frontier," Reggie Fils-Aime... told Kotaku. "For us we need to provide a whole new compelling experience in our next generation."

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