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Watch All of Nintendo’s Pre-E3 WiiU Announcement Right Here

Coming to you from the seventh floor of Nintendo’s Kyoto HQ is president Satoru Iwata and a pre-E3 presentation on the forthcoming Wii U. In an interesting move, Nintendo has released a 30 minute video about the controversial console’s online elements and the control scheme for the new device. Prominently featured is the newly named Wii U GamePad with its enormous touchscreen and a very Xbox-like Pro Controller, and a somewhat bewildering look at what Nintendo thinks gaming on the Wi iU will be like.

Iwata begins by explaining that Nintendo plans to focus their E3 presentation on actual games, as opposed to hardware. Though this video is fairly comprehensive in explaining the thinking within Nintendo about their new console and how the new controller can be used, people have already been talking about the Wii U GamePad since the prototype was unveiled last year.

The video takes time to introduce the production version of the GamePad, which has a bit more polish and conventional design choices — like raised thumb sticks. It also presents an interesting — if strangely written — look at the console’s online and multiplayer communication capabilities.

Perhaps most important of all is the questions it raises about what Nintendo will be talking about during their actual announcement at the game convention which begins tomorrow. Stay tuned.


(via Coming Soon, The Verge)

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