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Grand Theft Auto Online Just Announced, Will Be Playable October 1st

Take to the streets with your pals for the first time.

Today Rockstar revealed the first gameplay video of one of their new titles: Grand Theft Auto Online, a long-awaited MMO set in the GTA universe. Specifically it'll be in Los Santos, the location of Grand Theft Auto V. It looks just like the regular GTA games, only now you can play online.

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Fans Piece Together Grand Theft Auto V Map, Try to Wait Patiently for Release

Is it September yet?

Rockstar has already promised that Grand Theft Auto V will be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, and San Andreas combined, but it's not just about the size: It's how they use it, and right now, it looks like players will have plenty of space should they want to get away from the rush of the city. Fans of the upcoming game have constructed a full map of the game's world well before its September release.

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Deathstroke To Be Playable With Arkham Origins DLC

Since I'm a rational, right-thinking person, it should come as no surprise that the last two Batman games -- Arkham Asylum and Arkham City -- rank among my favorite video game offerings in recent memory. With Rockstar giving up development duties for the series, though, my excitement for Arkham Origins has been tempered. The fact that one of my favorite DCU villains -- the assassin and Dark Knight arch-rival Deathstroke -- will be playable in the upcoming title, could change that. All of a sudden, that teaser vid for the title we were so excited about makes way more sense, so congratulations, Arkham Origins: I am officially psyched for you to come out.

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Watch Grand Theft Auto V’s Latest Trailer Try to Convince You It’s Awesome

Rockstar is continuing their perpetual tease, and their latest salvo is another trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. We say "perpetual tease" because the last legitimate trailer for the game came out a year ago. We've been quietly salivating in the corner since, and the folks in charge of releasing these have finally saw fit to quench our thirst. It even shows off the recently revealed three protagonists in a way that makes the whole thing seem feasible. So, that's a plus.

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Grand Theft Auto V’s a Triple Threat, Includes Three Protagonists

Grand Theft Auto V, the latest and greatest video game from Rockstar, has just had its protagonists detailed thanks to Game Informer's December cover reveal. That's right: Protagonists, as in plural. Though Grand Theft Auto IV flirted with the idea of separate yet distinct protagonists in its DLC, the main game only ever had that one. It's hard to say how they'll be used, but it's exciting regardless.

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Cypress Hill Singer Loses $250 Million Lawsuit Over Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Likeness

It looks like former Cypress Hill backup singer Michael "Shagg" Washington's attempt to sue video game developer Rockstar for $250 million has finally hit bottom. Just under two years ago, Washington first brought the lawsuit to bear with claims that Rockstar intentionally based the main character for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, C.J., on his likeness without compensating him. Unfortunately for Washington, a California appeals court didn't agree with his assertion.

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L.A. Noire’s Facial Animations Continue to Look Amazing

When the trailer dropped for the Team Bondi-made, Rockstar Games-produced L.A. Noire dropped last month, we commented on how incredible the facial animations looked and wondered if the game had managed to cross the uncanny valley, no easy feat. We'll withhold judgment until we actually get to play the game, but based on this behind-the-scenes look at the making of the game's facial animations ("L.A. Noire will utilize the brand new MotionScan technology, which provides an unprecedented level of realism, detail, and emotion never seen before in a videogame, bringing characters to life in a totally new way") makes us continue to think "yes." As our tipster points out, it helps that the character models aren't anywhere near photorealistic. (Thanks, Scott)

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Red Dead Redemption Glitches: Donkey-Ladies and Other Freaky Human-Animal Hybrids

I got my copy of Red Dead Redemption this past weekend, and I'm really impressed with the game thus far: IMO, it beats the pants off Rockstar's drab, repetitive GTA4, and just feels tangibly different from the horde of sandbox games with guns. Also: There are some pretty crazy glitches. My Stetson is off to YouTube user WhereDaBootz, who, through diligent playing, has discovered some of the oddest glitches to strike Red Dead Redemption. Unlike the recently-patched invisibility glitch, none of these really affect game play, but they're amusing nonetheless.

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Red Dead Redemption Launch Trailer: And there were no More Red Dead Redemption Trailers

We've been watching pretty much every Red Dead Redemption trailer as they've been coming out of the gates, but until now, we haven't really posted any on the grounds that there are just so many: There's been a Kick-Ass like level of promo saturation. "Life in the Old West," "The Women," "Gentlemen and Vagabonds" -- so many slicings and dicings of the contents of one game, which Rockstar seems to be placing a pretty big bet on.

Well, in anticipation of the game's May 18th release (May 21st in the EU), we now have a Red Dead Redemption launch trailer that serves as a nice, comprehensive introduction to the game.

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