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Grand Theft Auto V’s a Triple Threat, Includes Three Protagonists

Grand Theft Auto V, the latest and greatest video game from Rockstar, has just had its protagonists detailed thanks to Game Informer‘s December cover reveal. That’s right: Protagonists, as in plural. Though Grand Theft Auto IV flirted with the idea of separate yet distinct protagonists in its DLC, the main game only ever had that one. It’s hard to say how they’ll be used, but it’s exciting regardless.

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Game Informer insists they’ll be used in a “groundbreaking way,” and they’d never be sensationalist about such a thing:

Over the course of 18 pages (our biggest cover story yet!), we introduce the three main protagonists, discuss the groundbreaking way you use them, and explore the reimagined Los Santos – the biggest open world Rockstar has created to date. The massive feature also divulges and dissects many more aspects of the game fans won’t want to miss.

Given the fairly broad ways in which multiple protagonists have been used in previous games — Heavy Rain comes to mind — it would have to pull off something drastic to truly do something new.

(Game Informer via reddit)

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