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The Woman Arrested for Laughing at Jeff Sessions Just Had Her Conviction Thrown Out

For those of us who were terrified by the idea of living in a country where you could be arrested for laughing, there's some good news today. Desiree Fairooz, the Code Pink activist who was arrested and subsequently convicted of disruptive conduct after laughing during Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing, has had her conviction thrown out.

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Julius Caesar Protestors Are Rushing the Stage While Others Attack the Wrong Shakespeare Companies

If these protestors don't want to think about the actual message of the play they're criticizing, is it really too much to ask that they at least know what theater they're sending their hate mail to?

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#RESIST: Notre Dame Students Plan To Walk Out on Mike Pence’s Commencement Speech

Students are planning their own protest for scheduled commencement speaker, Mike Pence.

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Today’s Dystopia News: A Woman Is Facing Up to a Year in Prison After Being Found Guilty of Laughing

Here. This happened here.

A woman is facing up to a year in prison for laughing at a claim that Attorney General Jeff Sessions treats "all Americans equally under the law."

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It’s a Handmaid’s Tale Holiday: Our First May Day Living in This IRL Gilead

We intend to survive.

Mayday is a password into the resistance of Gilead. So how will you be spending May Day in this current near-dystopia?

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Doctor Who Stands Up For Doctors, and More Highlights from the #MarchforScience

Today, to commemorate Earth Day and condemn the dangerous influence of climate change denial, scientists and their supporters marched all over the world.

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Trump Really Didn’t Like Those Tax March Protests


Trump tweeted another angry, ill-informed reaction to the Tax March protests from April 15.

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Day Before Nationwide “Tax March,” Elizabeth Warren Calls Trump Out For Everything He’s Hiding

"The time for hiding is over."

"[It’s] not just an ethical problem, but who exercises influence? Who really calls the shots over the man who now sits in the White House? Donald, the time for hiding is over."

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One Portland Protester Tried to Reenact That Pepsi Ad & It Went About as You’d Expect

Kendall Jenner showed us a can of Pepsi is the ultimate tool for bridging any division. Surely if it works for her in a commercial, it'll work in life, right?

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The Worst Thing You’ll See Today: Pepsi Couldn’t Have Created a More Tone-Deaf Ad If We Dared Them

Pepsi's latest ad starring Kendall Jenner has done the impossible: It's united the internet in our certainty that this is the absolute worst commercial ever made.

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The Internet Has a New Hero in Ivanka Trump’s Neighbor

Whether it's because of her opinion on the Trump family's politics, or because having Ivanka in the neighborhood is reportedly pretty awful, this neighbor, drinking wine and enjoying the giant "Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice" outside of Trump's home, is the new Kermit sipping tea.

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Today’s Protest Is for All Women. Yes, Even You, Kellyanne Conway

True intersectionality means engaging with and fighting for all women. Even the ones who think we're wrong.

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Why We Strike: The Obamacare Replacement Is a Dangerous Insult to Women

There are a lot of reasons why women may be participating in today's Day Without a Woman protest. Here's a pretty glaring one.

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Get Involved: Actions, Gatherings, and Demonstrations for Today’s Day Without a Woman

If you're looking for ways to get involved in today's Day Without a Woman, here are a few demonstrations or actions happening in major cities around the country.

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The ‘Day Without a Woman’ Protest Released a Few Details on How to Participate

"In the same spirit of love and liberation that inspired the Women's March, together we will mark the day by recognizing the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socio-economic system--while receiving lower wages and experiencing greater inequities, vulnerability to discrimination, sexual harassment, and job insecurity."

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The GOP Is Getting Absolutely Destroyed By Constituents at Town Halls Across the Country

Do your job.

Things are not going well for the Republicans who have to answer to their home state constituents this week.

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In a Coordinated Act of Resistance, Theaters Across the Country Are Planning Screenings of 1984

Welcome to the "United State of Cinema."

This sounds doubleplusempowering.

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General Strike: Today Might Look a Little Different


Today is February 17th, 2017. That means that many people all over America will be participating in a General Strike.

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Hundreds of New York Students Just Walked Out In Protest of Trump’s America

The Muslim ban, DeVos' confirmation, the killed dream of a functioning government–there's a lot for these students to be protesting.

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Trump Threatens to Take Away UC Berkeley’s Federal Funding Following Cancellation of Milo Yiannopoulos’ Talk

By "talk" we mean "hate speech".

President Trump tweeted a veiled threat that he would eliminate the funding supplied to UC Berkeley by the federal government.

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