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Things We Saw Today: When You’re Ready, Here’s the Final Orphan Black Blooper Reel

Here's a little something that'll brighten up your now Orphan Black-less days.

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Things We Saw Today: Girls Trip Blows up the Box Office and Shows the Power of Diverse Female-Led Media

How many times will movies with strong female characters and diverse casts need to absolutely destroy on opening weekend before Hollywood gets the message? This should be the norm for filmmaking going forward, not the exception.

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Here’s How You Can Finally Catch Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO

For real this time.

Hey, remember the first trailer for Pokémon GO, waaaayyyy back about a thousand years ago, a.k.a. 2015? Among other parts of the new-infamous game it hinted at, it showed a number of players all coming together in one location to take on Mewtwo all at once in a manner suspiciously similar to the raid battles that arrived in the game recently? That's not a coincidence, and now legendary Pokémon are coming with it.

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Things We Saw Today: Which Pokémon Is Most Popular In Your State?

The team over at decluttr has put together a map of which Pokémon is most "wanted" in each U.S. state - and it's not always Pikachu!

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Direct Player Battles, Trading Still Coming to Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is a full year old today, and it's enjoying a bit of a renaissance right now with the addition of raid battles and adjusted gym mechanics. Those aren't the only things players are clamoring for, though, and Niantic boss John Hanke has confirmed that some features we had started to give up hoping for actually are on the way.

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Garfield GO Is a Joke, Right? … Right?

Become immersed in a world of infinite Mondays.

After the breakout success of Pokémon GO last summer, the copycat reaction seemed remarkably restrained, though some certainly tried. As far as other notable brands trying to jump in with a clone game—whether because they understood the folly of trying or because of GO's own quick decline in popularity—we weren't really subjected to a major "me too" rush of clones. But now, we have Garfield Go.

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Pokémon GO Planning Multiplayer & More to Rule Another Summer

The closest thing to teleporting back to last summer.

Just under a month from now, Pokémon GO will officially be one year old, although you may remember that differently if you, like many, struggled to begin playing within the early days under the bonkers server load. Things have died down a bit since then, but the game is still going strong, and Niantic has some summer updates and events planned to maybe bring back a bit of that magic—something we could all use in our lives right now.

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Things We Saw Today: Those MST3K Robots Have Some Pretty Solid Ideas for Netflix Shows

Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo pitch some wonderful Netflix show ideas to Netflix's "cuh-coh" (CCO), Ted Serandos.

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Here’s a Thing That Happened: The Webby Awards Nominees Announced

It's that wonderful time of the year when we get to celebrate all of the great things that came out of the internet.

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There’s a New Most Frustrating Thing About Pokémon GO, or a Brand New Urban Legend

My uncle, who works at Nintendo ...

If you still play Pokémon GO now and then, you may have noticed that the app is in the middle of yet another promotion, including some brand new additions to the game. Not only are water Pokémon more likely to appear right now, but there's a guaranteed way to snag evolution items at Pokéstops, and two "shiny Pokémon" have been added to the game—sometimes with a frustrating twist.

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This Week, Pokémon GO Finally Adds All Gen 2 Pokémon, New Gameplay Mechanics and Items

Yay! A distraction!

Pokémon GO's initial introduction of a few of the Pokémon from the Gold/Silver game generation was limited to babies that players could hatch from eggs, but a full round of brand new Pokémon is finally on the way, and it looks like they'll arrive holding some other new goodies for us.

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Pokémon GO Got You Some Extra Candy for Valentine’s Day in New Promotion

Remember last year, when seemingly everyone came together on something that wasn't terrible (depending on who you ask)? Well, fun still does exist—so far, anyway—and Pokémon GO has yet another promotion to tie in with Valentine's Day, starting today.

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Things We Saw Today: The Long-Hidden Secret to Defeating Big Boos in Super Mario World

Apparently, there was a way to defeat Big Boos all along. We had no idea.

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Things We Saw Today: Two Lazy DJs Put Their Soundboards to Good Use

DJs 80Fitz and Jay Walker have titled this comedy video "Lazy DJs," but their antics in the video are anything but lazy.

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Things We Saw Today: A Cat Named Spock Rescued by Pokémon GO

Imgur user Joelalmeidaptg shared a pretty adorable story about adopting an abandoned cat, which they only discovered because they were playing Pokémon GO.

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Looks Like Pokémon GO Has a Holiday Surprise in Store After All

Sorry. We peeked.

Officially, Pokémon GO's holiday promotion was kind of a letdown for some players after the larger in-game bonuses brought by Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations. A Pikachu in a Santa hat is cute, but it's hardly on the same level as extra candy and XP to help players advance—but it looks like that might not be all that's in store.

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Pokémon GO, iPhones, and Stranger Things Top 2016’s Google Searches

We're nearing the end of 2016 (good riddance), and that means that everyone who collects extensive, more-than-a-little-creepy data about our habits is putting together their year-end lists. While social media may be huge, Google is still a force to be reckoned with in terms of how users experience the Internet, and a few things dominated the site's search results this year.

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Pokémon GO’s New Round of Pokémon Starts Today With Adorable New Baby Pokémon

When is Pokémon GO finally going to introduce second generation (Pokémon Gold/Silver) Pokémon to the game? Today!

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New Pokémon GO Glitch Turns Your Buddy Comically Huge

Yep, there's my Gastly towering over me like an evil moon ready to consume my soul into the silent abyss.

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Pokémon GO Update Hides Some Big New Surprises in Plain Sight

Yesterday's Pokémon GO update, sadly, didn't bring the second generation of Pokémon that everyone was hoping for, and Niantic's official announcement isn't until next week, but the new update did shed light on some big new features.

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