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Pokémon Is Going and Snapping in Upcoming Pokémon Go/New Pokémon Snap Collaboration

Gotta photograph 'em all!

Art for the upcoming New Pokemon Snap Celebration

New Pokémon Snap is set to turn our Nintendo Switches into cameras come April 30, letting us be the very best at photography—or, at the very least, letting us fill our camera roll with an absurd amount of pictures of our favorite Pokémon.

Actual depiction of me when this game comes out:


It’s been a good year to be a Pokémon fan considering the number of releases and announcements that have been made to celebrate 25 years of not really knowing when we’re gonna get to the all in catch ’em all. New Pokémon Snap brings about memories of throwing apples at a wild Pikachu to get the perfect shot, which makes me think that this may be my latest in “chill games with no consequences” collection.

I’m not the only one looking forward to the release, but I wasn’t expecting another Pokémon developer to get in on the action. Niantic, the studio behind Pokémon Go, aka, “You better stay in that Pokéball don’t you dare burst out of it,” has announced that they’re doing an event in celebration of the release of New Pokémon Snap. 

Actual depiction of me when this event happens:


The New Pokémon Snap Celebration will start on April 29, the day before the release of the game, and run until May 2, giving trainers the ability to take part in photography-themed events via Pokémon Go. The events will have a focus on research with trainers being able to capture Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap’s Lental Region.

Since this is a celebration of New Pokémon Snap, trainers can expect to encounter Pokémon that show up in the game. One such Pokémon is the painter, Smeargle, who’s known for being a serial photobomber. According to Niantic’s announcement, the event may also include a Shiny Smeargle, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Screenshot from upcoming New Pokemon Snap Celebration

On top of Pokémon Go giving trainers photography missions, there will also be new avatar items in the Style Shop so you can accessorize while trying to set up the perfect shot. The items will be free.

I hope that this is something that Niantic continues to do in collaboration with new Pokémon releases. I would adore a Pokémon Go event for the upcoming releases of Brilliant DiamondShining Pearl, and, oh my god, can we PLEASE get a collaboration event for Legends Arceus? Granted, I understand this upcoming event has the chance to do something new with Pokémon Go by adding photography-themed events, and I’m not at all sure what “new” thing they can do for future games that stick to the Pokémon formula of catching and battling, but I’ll settle on some new items in the Style Shop.

Are you excited to hone your photography skills? Which Pokémon are you hoping to get pictures of? And, more importantly, are 30 pictures of the same type of Pokémon too little or not enough?

Metapod Screenshot from upcoming New Pokemon Snap Celebration

(image: Niantic, Inc.)

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