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Surprise, Surprise: Some Academy Voters Have Pretty Racist Opinions About Get Out

When it comes to the Academy and its opinions on black-led films like Get Out, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Breaking Down Samuel L. Jackson’s Comments: Is Racism in Britain and America Really Different?

Do #BlackLivesMatter everywhere?

Samuel L. Jackson wondered what Get Out would be like "with an American brother who really feels that" and sparked a controversial debate.

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Oscars 2017: Moonlight Wins Best Picture In Most Shocking Upset in Oscar History

If you were rooting for diversity to win out at this year's Oscars, only to throw up your hands and walk away from your screen when La La Land was announced as Best Picture, you missed something really important. La La Land didn't actually win. Moonlight did.

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Oscars 2017: O.J: Made In America Wins Best Doc Over13th, Highlights Intersectional Politics

We were going hard for Ava DuVernay's 13th at this year's Oscars for the Best Documentary Feature category. Sadly, Ms. DuVernay's brilliant documentary did not take home the Oscar. However, the film that won still provided some much needed political commentary.

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Viola Davis Just Made Long-Overdue History for Black Women with Her Third Oscar Nomination

Viola Davis has just made Academy Award history with the announcement of her nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Fences. She's the first black woman to have ever earned three Oscar nominations, which is a stunning accomplishment in and of itself, even if she doesn't go on to win the award in question.

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Things We Saw Today: Jessica Williams’ Speech About Racist Gatekeeping at the Sundance Women’s March

Jessica Williams attended one of the many Women's March events around the globe this past weekend, and someone took video of part of the speech that she delivered.

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No, Lee Daniels, #OscarsSoWhite Isn’t About “Complaining”—It’s About Change

Havo-dad, sir.

2016 might have been the year of incendiary Trump tweets and too many deaths, but it also birthed a new campaign—#OscarsSoWhite.

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#OscarsLessWhite: Introducing the 2016 Academy Class

After years of #OscarsSoWhite complaints from film fans all over the world, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences seems to finally, truly be making a dent in changing the face of its membership.

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Asian Girl in Oscars “Joke” Didn’t Know What the Joke Was Until It Was Too Late

Seriously, look at that girl's face. She KNOWS.

We've already expressed disappointment about the Asian jokes that tarnished this year's Oscar ceremony. However, we learned today that there's even more reason to be disappointed. *sigh*

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The Problem With “Asian Jokes,” Representation, and the 2016 Academy Awards

In the same breath that last night's Oscars extolled the virtues of diversity and equal opportunity, they also seemed to punch down and turn their sights on another incredibly underrepresented group: Asian people.

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Watch Chris Rock’s Entire Opening Monologue For the 2016 Oscars

Did you miss Chris Rock's opening monologue for the 2016 Academy Awards? Perhaps you'd just like to watch it again?

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Lupita Nyong’o and Trevor Noah Drop Truths About Diversity in Hollywood

In an interview with The New York Times, actress Lupita Nyong'o and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah sat down over brunch to talk about diversity in Hollywood (including #OscarsSoWhite), unconscious biases, and their own creative outlets.

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Disney’s Zootopia Parodies Some of This Year’s Oscar Nominees

Disney's Zootopia will be released the weekend after the Oscars - on March 4th - and released these fun parody "alternate reality" posters to celebrate them

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Chris Rock Teases the Internet About His “Blackout” of the Oscars

Chris Rock has chosen to hype his forthcoming Oscars hosting gig as though it's a follow-up to The Ring, via this tweeted video of several seconds of static.

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Rooney Mara Regrets Playing Tiger Lily in Pan, Particularly in Light of #OscarsSoWhite

Rooney Mara, who has received an Oscar nomination for her supporting role in Carol, has hesitated to weigh in on the ongoing #OscarsSoWhite controversy in part because of her regrets about taking the role of Tiger Lily in Pan. Warner Brothers' 2015 cinematic adaptation of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan didn't do well at the box office, but even before its release, the film came under fire for casting Rooney Mara as a Native American character.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Quest Gets Even More Entertaining in Old-School Game

Fittingly, you will probably get 0 Oscars.

Leonardo DiCaprio's quest for an Oscar has become a running joke, and now that joke is a video game, wherein you run. A lot. Leo's Red Carpet Rampage is essentially the arcade game version of one of the madcap obstacle courses from Billy on the Street—which is to say it's awesome and hilarious.

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Emma Thompson on the Lack of Diversity in Film, Plus Diversity at the BAFTAs

Emma Thompson spoke to On Demand Entertainment about how important things like the Evening Standard's British Film Awards are, because they shine a spotlight on their national industry skill at crafting mid-budget "proper, grown-up dramas." The conversation turned briefly to the worldwide diversity conversation happening in the film now, and she had a very unusual solution regarding the "old, white men" that make up much of the Academy.

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Meryl Streep Said, “We’re All Africans, Really,” In Response to Question About Her All-White Film Festival Jury

Meryl Streep just put her foot in her mouth in the worst way. When responding to a reporter's question about the all-white panel at the Berlin International Film Festival, Streep--the jury's current president--dismissed concerns about diversity, saying "we're all Africans, really."

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Study Shows Female Roles in Hollywood Increasing, But Only If You’re a White Actress

According to a study done by San Diego State University, things definitely are getting better for women in Hollywood--as long as you're white.

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Sylvester Stallone Sought Creed Director Ryan Coogler’s Advice About Boycotting the Oscars

Sylvester Stallone wanted to boycott the event, but before stepping out, he did what he thought was best: he sought advice from Creed's director, Ryan Coogler.

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