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The Shape of Water & A Silent Voice: A Different Way of Exploring Romance & Disability

The depiction of people who are not able-bodied within the realm of romance has always been a complex one. In "Lady Chatterley's Lover" by D.H. Lawrence, the heroine has an affair with the male gardener because her husband is paralyzed from the waist down from World War I. Bronte novel "Jane Eyre" Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre get together after Rochester has been blinded and has one arm amputated—in effect punishing him for his previous behavior and a means of "humbling" him.

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The Shape of Water Trailer Takes Us Into Guillermo del Toro’s Cold War Fairy Tale

The trailer for Guillermo del Toro's much-anticipated film The Shape of Water debuted in theaters over the weekend, but now it's finally online for all to see.

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Things We Saw Today: Is This What the Klingons in Star Trek: Discovery Will Look Like?

An extra from the Star Trek: Discovery set in Toronto posted a photo captioned, "Hanging out with my new Klingon Crew today." Is this what the Klingons in the series will look like?

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Things We Saw Today: Throwback to When Denzel Washington Showed Up Super Early to Obama’s Inauguration

President Obama's inaugurations were very widely and excitedly attended by his supporters. Trump's inauguration today? Not so much. Anyway, remember that time when Denzel Washington showed up super early to Obama's inauguration in 2009?

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Octavia Spencer and Others Nationwide Help Underserved Girls See Hidden Figures, Because Representation Matters

Some movies are important for their artistic achievement. For others, their impact is about so much more than mere critical accolades. Hidden Figures is one such film, which is why star Octavia Spencer, as well as community leaders, teachers, and fraternities and sororities have been making it possible for underserved communities to see it when they otherwise might not be able to.

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Things We Saw Today: Lifetime Greenlit a Michael Jackson Biopic But It Might Not Be That Bad


Lifetime just greenlit a two-hour film based on the singer's finals years and seen through the eyes of his bodyguards.

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[VIDEO] Prominent Women of Color in STEM Discuss the Black Girl Magic of Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures tells the real-life story of mathematician Katherine Johnson and her colleagues Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson who helped launch astronaut John Glenn into space.

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Things We Saw Today: Jessica Chastain Will Be the Hero We Deserve as Indestructible Vigilante Painkiller Jane

The actress will star in and produce Painkiller Jane, an adaptation of the series by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada.

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Janelle Monáe, Taraji P. Henson to Star in Movie About the African-American Women Behind the Space Race

To the moon!

Last summer development was announced on an adaptation of Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures: The Story of the African-American Women Behind the Space Race, her book about African-American NASA engineers Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, Kathryn Peddrew, Sue Wilder, Eunice Smith and Barbara Holley.

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Viola Davis Just Might Be Our New Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad

Does this mean we'll get to see her put Ben Affleck in his place?

Get your grains of salt ready, but also your celebratory party hats.

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[UPDATED] Warner Bros. Announces the Cast of Suicide Squad (and Which DC Comics Characters They’re Playing)

I'm just gonna let you have the big one right here—Will Smith will be playing Deadshot.

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The Twilight Series Is Coming Back… And the Reason Why Is Actually Pretty Cool

I know. I'm shocked, too.

When I read that the Twilight movie franchise was being resurrected with a series of five short films, my reaction was akin to a cat trying to get a hairball out of its throat. But then I read the thing that all the shorts will have in common and... readers, I didn't think I'd ever say this, but... Twilight. I am proud of you.

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Review: Run, Don’t Walk, to See Snowpiercer, The Best Sci-Fi Film of the Decade So Far


Readers, I see a lot of movies. Most of them are good. Some are great. A small number I love. And every once in a while I see a movie that leaves me vibrating with energy as I leave the theater, knowing that what I just saw will stick with me probably for the rest of my life, or at least until the inevitable robot overlords come and conquer the planet. Snowpiercer is one of those. [Spoiler-free review]

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Octavia Spencer Signs On For Next Divergent Film, Insurgent

Today in Awesome

Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment are starting to shape up the cast for their Divergent followup, Insurgent, and have picked up an Academy Award winner! 

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NBC Just Killed the Murder, She Wrote Reboot

And Now For Something Completely Different

Looks like NBC decided to give it the *slides on sunglasses* boot. YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.

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Angela Lansbury Does Not Appreciate Your Reboot: Weighs In On New Murder, She Wrote Series

Not too long ago we reported on Oscar winner Octavia Spencer taking on the lead role for NBC's Murder, She Wrote reboot. Now, original star Angela Lansbury has given her professional opinion. And well, let's just say she has the same opinion on reboots as most of us.

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We Are Getting a Murder, She Wrote Reboot With Octavia Spencer


NBC has agreed to a put pilot commitment on a reboot of Angela Lansbury's hugely popular and long running mystery series Murder, She Wrote. That means that we're definitely seeing Octavia Spencer in the lead role some time soon.

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